Differences of Gender Communication.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Differences of Gender Communication. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. All races, societies, cultures, and civilizations in this world have two things in common, i.e. the presence of men and women and the necessity of communication between them (Barret & Davidson, 2006). The issue of gender differences seems to have engaged the curiosity of people from time immemorial as people have been putting into writing their thoughts about the issue since the creation of Adam and Eve (Barret & Davidson, 2006). The claim that men and women communicate in distinctive ways, concerning distinctive things, and for distinctive reasons appears to go unargued.

There are a number of incidents that tend to reaffirm the conviction that men and women communicate in distinctive ways, with the majority of leading communication scholars sharing this perception of gender and communication (Crawford, 1995). Research shows that women use conversation mainly to establish and support intimacy, while, on the other hand, men use communication to gain status. Apparently, these styles of and motives for communication signify different cultural backgrounds. at that, it does not mean that one is better than the other (Crawford, 1995). Nonetheless, men have a tendency of interrupting more and asking questions less as compared to women.

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The most evident distinctions in communication amongst men and women comprise of listening, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication. The most dominant difference between men and women is in the sphere of listening (Crawford, 1995). Apparently, women have a tendency of listening to each and every spoken word while, on the other hand, men listen only to the key points. However, women get credit not only for being active listeners but also for responding to anything that they need to say. this is due to the fact that they react in a positive manner to this as compared to men. Women demonstrate attentiveness by means of verbal and non-verbal signs while men tend to avoid these cues that keep on appearing from time to time. The majority of men fail in listening to every single word in a dialogue (Crawford, 1995). for instance, when speaking to a man, it is probable for a man to be a dynamic listener, yet when the conversation comes to an end, the same man may ask the name of the person.

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