Defining of Cyberbullying

Write 5 pages with APA style on Defining of Cyberbullying. The common use of mobiles or other communication devices to send and post text or images that are intended to hurt other people is also cyberbullying. With the increase and advancement in technology, especially information technology, cyberbullying has found a way into the daily lives of people, notably among teenagers. Publishing of defamatory materials about a person on the internet remains a difficult or rather impossible thing to protect (Campbell, 2005). Once such information is exposed to the public, many people download it and shares to other sites. This makes it impossible to remove it from the internet. Some of these defamatory materials include edited photos or defamatory captions that show the victim as posing nude.

Some of the well-known effects of cyberbullying are felt in the United States today. One of the most felt damaging effects of cyberbullying among school-aged youth is the fact that the victims are most likely to suffer from low self-esteem (Hinduja et al., 2011). This triggers isolation from family and friends and the victim avoids any friendly activities. This is primarily the intention of the cyberbully.

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Defining of Cyberbullying
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Another effect of cyberbullying is that it might trigger the victim to resort to suicide. Several cases in the United States have been linked to cyberbullying (Hinduja et al., 2010). The predominant example is the suicide of Megan Meier that resulted in the United States v. Lori Drew. The scenario has been reported in the Cyberbullying Research Center as cyberbullied (Hinduja et al., 2010). Cyberbullicide is suicide directly or indirectly linked to the experiences with online harassment or intimidation. Mentally disordered people are more often the most vulnerable of all these as they find it difficult to shrug off the cyberbully. This implies the psychological effect of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is different from traditional bullying among teenagers.&nbsp.

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