dbearly education

Teaching with Standards

Review the common core standards for prekindergarten/kindergarten (located under “Required Textbook & Materials” or within Weekly Module 3). Are these standards reasonable?  What insights do you have about your teaching and what children are learning after reviewing these standards? What will you have to do to prepare yourself to teach using common core? 
***Please cite at least one of the Mathematics Common Core Standards for either PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade (found on pages 25 though 44) within your initial response.  The standard must be within the response; therefore the standard must have meaning and be relevant to your point.  Do not simply cite a standard.
Please title your thread using your name. Thank you!
Please title your thread with either your first name, last name, or both. Thank you!
This discussion links to the following course objectives:

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dbearly education
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Identify personal qualities and professional competencies that contribute to becoming a professional in the field of early childhood education.
Identify the major historical influences and current issues affecting early education today.
Put into practice the principal of developmentally appropriate practice




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