CS Southwest

How has the original strategy been altered in recent years? How, if at all, have these changes affected Southwest’s key success factors? Southwest added longer routes to its flights and its fun employees outweighed other service factors. Aside from more flights to more distant locations, there were many opportunities to add shorter flights to schedules connecting existing stations in the network. Expanding to Baltimore was a cautious move that proved fruitful. The airline did not lose its “LUVS’ culture by operating there.
Thus, the Southwest culture as brought to the East Coast. They later expanded northeastward successfully. Other than the afore-mentioned changes, Southwest also agreed to code share with another airline, changed the boarding process and introduced new fares, products, services and policies. All of these changes helped propel the airline even higher than its competitors. 3 What kinds of things over which Southwest’s leadership has some control could go wrong? What should be done to make sure they don’t happen? Decisions to institute service in an airport leading could go wrong.
Since there as a risk of traffic delays at Philadelphia, Southwest’s leadership should have made better evaluations. Ample careful planning and consultation should have been made prior to major decisions such as this. 4 Based on your response to question 3, what further changes, if any, need to be made by Southwest’s leadership in the face of competitive moves and general economic conditions?

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CS Southwest
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