Criminal justice administration.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Criminal justice administration. Agree or Disagree Koorosh Moshtahedian Of Phoenix CRIMINAL JUSTICE ADMINISTRATIONCJA/460 Group# WH06BCJ10 Prof. JEFFREY THRIFT March 2, 2008

Proposition Agreed to

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Criminal justice administration.
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Proposition Number 5 “Most crime control ideas are based on false assumptions about how the criminal justice system works” (Walker, 2001) is a reasonable and fair assertion. The wedding cake model was the most impressive and simplistic manner of analyzing the criminal system. The Wedding Cake Model is a way to differentiate between different types of cases. The top layer consists of celebrated cases, the ones that are in the news and on television, usually because they are rare cases. The second layer includes serious felonies, such as murder and rape. (Walker, 2001) These are considered the real criminals among the courtroom work-group. The third layer is reserved for the less serious felonies, such as drug charges. These people are considered less dangerous and more of just losers in society. The fourth layer consists of all misdemeanors.

The Wedding Cake Model is important in understanding how the courts deal with routine cases. (Walker, 2001) Serious felonies will get Prisons terms, while less serious felonies and misdemeanors may get little jail time or probation. The three main factors that determine what a criminal’s punishment will be are: 1) was there harm or injury caused to the victim 2) Does the offender have a prior criminal record and 3) What was the relationship of the offender to the victim This last one is important because crimes committed against strangers get a more severe sentence than crimes committed against friends and acquaintances. The Wedding Cake Model would also be helpful when trying to explain the different approaches for reducing crime. (Walker, 2001)

This model is the best because it neatly compartmentalizes crime, thus leaving little to the realm of subjective thinking. Indeed, it is unconscionable that crimes committed against friends and acquaintances receive less harsh treatment. While that piece needs to be addressed by legislation, it cannot be answered by the model. (Walker, 2001) Conversely, one must also ask whether the categories provided by the cake are appropriate because again, we are still dealing with subjective thinking when it comes to deciding the level of severity of the crimes included in each layer.

Proposition Disagreed With

Proposition 2: “Waging War Is the Wrong Way to Fight Crime” Is simply elevating form over substance. (Walker, 2001) The fact of the matter is that there is no other way to combat crime except to wage war on it. It has transformed the very concept of policing and the place of crime in electoral politics. Schools, public health, and social welfare now overlap with the criminal justice system, reflecting the spreading logic of crime control. Perhaps most detrimental is the way this war has changed our society’s core conceptions of community and race. Nonetheless, should society not be entitled to safety (Walker, 2001)

Thanks to the criminal culture, gone are the days when faith and trust in each other was a trademark of the great American nation. Since human relationships have spiritual roots with such attributes as faith, love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, service to each other, etc., the sociological problem caused by the crime factor is a fallout tragedy in human relationships with no end in sight. (Walker, 2001) This is precisely why waging a war on crime is necessary. Thanks to the child abuse and sex perverts, the simple joy of placing a stranger’s child in your arms just for the pleasure of holding and getting to know the child is gone forever.

The Internet has become a sex predator launching pad. Over 5000 of our children are kidnapped each year and most of them are never found. About 4% are found molested and murdered by some sex pervert and likely as not one who was recently released from prison. Thanks to the rapists, kidnappers and other criminal perverts, much of the joy of shopping by our mothers and daughters has turned into a trip of fear as our women get in and out of their car in the parking lots-never knowing when they have become a target for the lurking criminal predator.

Thus, society can find more confident in the man that wants to ignite and wage the war instead of the author here whom seems willing to cast blame, doubt and offers little if any assistance in a different solution. (Walker, 2001) This opinion is not based upon the experience of being an officer, sociologist or even a victim of a crime. Indeed this opinion is not at all based upon direct experiences but as the natural reaction to the daily accounts by media which describe how indeed, crime rates seem to rise.


Walker, S (2001). Sense and Nonsense About Crime and Drugs. Belmont, CA.

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