Country Report on Bolivia

Working in teams of 2, students will present a country analysis, and prepare a summary of an assigned country. 
This report will consist of an analysis of important environmental data in that country: population, GNP, major exports, imports, historical and cultural characteristics, etc. The report will also provide the outlook for marketers in that country, i.e., in what stage of development is the country? What is the structure of competition in the market? What do consumers seek? What are the trends? What are the hot prospects for a foreign company entering that country?  What are things for marketers to watch out for (possible risk factors or cultural pitfalls, etc.)? Finally, the presenters of the report should teach the class some helpful phrases for the business traveler in that country.
It is expected that the author of the report will be experts on the country and fully up to date on current conditions which may be of interest to marketers (e.g. changes in political leadership, economic crises, etc.). Consultation with news reports from the past year regarding your country is highly recommended. These sources (WSJ, NY Times, Business Week, Economist, etc. or local sources in that country) may be found in LEXIS NEXIS in the library. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!
The most informative reports are those in which the presenters are able to synthesize the information given into useful insight. The least informative (least interesting, and lowest scoring) reports are those in which the presenters simply read the information listed on their summary of country information.

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Country Report on Bolivia
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