Contemporary hotel and tourism issues

Assessment: Presentation Script 
Due : 20th Nov, 2018
No. of words: 1000 words
Conditions: Individual
Weighting : 15%
Presentation Script 
This assessment is designed to get you researching and thinking critically about contemporary global issues in tourism, and prepare a script which will be the basis of a presentation (A2). 
You will choose three (3) contemporary issues influencing tourism globally. Next, you should research recent industry and academic sources (2015/2018) to locate evidence and examples of each issue to then provide discussion of the implications for tourism. 
Your assignment will be a 1000-word script (referenced in text). The script will form the basis of Assessment 2 – presentation – and be presented as follows: 
Presentation Individual 1, 2   Graded Script 

N/A 15% 1000 26 Nov N/A words 2018   
11:00 PM 
1. Introduction (50 words) – provide an introduction to identify the three issues. 
2. Body (900 words) – the body should introduce,describe and explain the three global issues 
using a sub-heading for each issue. 
3. Conclusion (50 words) – a brief conclusion to summarise implications of the issues for 
global tourism into the future. 
4. Reference List – a list of references – minimum 6 – (industry and academic). 
Note: the word count excludes references and reference list. 
Marking Criteria 
Global Tourism Issue No. 1 4 marks   
Global Tourism Issue No. 2 4 marks   
Global Tourism Issue No. 3 4 marks   
Referencing 1 mark 
Expression 2 marks 
1. Heading must be given .
2. Minimum 6 sources must require. 2 for each issues, 1 must be peer-reviewed journal and one from non-academic sources.

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