Conduction of Marketing Research

Behavioral data about customers actions and interaction with the organization e. G. They are data about consumers’ buying habits, brand preferences, and product usage. 2. Volunteered data surveys and questionnaires 3. Attributed data from marketing research studies. They are data that represents an individual characteristic or a count. Examples : the presence or absence of a required label on a product, no. Of people goes to movie no average or ranking 4. Profile data linking with other sources stereographic profiling systems, lifestyle databases unit 9 P. 95
Let me show you an example of a SPAS data set – a collection of related information This is the role to provide high quality of information to management. Unit 9 3/17 Socializing status Age Martial Status Education Occupation Income Living location Frequency of traveling per month Frequency of watching movie in cinema Expenditure on wine Use of technology What kinds of mobile phone do you use? Unit 94/17 The Integration of Marketing Research 1 Customer databases 2 Customer databases are very important because of the following reasons. As a source of marketing intelligence
On customer purchase behavior Customer loyalty (length of relationship, value) Customer response to marketing communications, new products, price changes Data Gathering Discover Hidden Pattern Includes information from other internal sources, such as: sales, customer satisfaction, complaints, advertising spend, previous promotional campaigns, previous research studies Now Traditionally Let me show you an example Still prevalent but now feeding the databases As marketing decision support systems creates an interactive system to assist in analysis of marketing issues through: doodling, trends, forecasts, statistical evaluation real-time reports and critical incident alerts by computer How do we collect and handle data ?

Survey & Observation Databases identify respondents and topics Make Forecast Hard Copy Outdated Describe Facts unit 9 5/17 Database Customers Competitors Markets There is new term to replace this in Not Necessary now !! Why ? World it is Credit cards, Octopus cards, online shopping, Internet from text in Wilson (2006) by McLeod 2010 Adapted surfing can all record our shopping behavior. Unit 96/17 Marketing Research 2 In the past, surveys were used to get information on customer behavior, awareness levels, attitudes Now, organizations often hold significant amounts of data on customers In conducting market research, marketing information should analyze the macro as well as micro environment.

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Conduction of Marketing Research
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