Computer Science Discussion Replies

Read both Discussions and make a reply for each. Each reply must be at least 100 words. Must use complete  paragraphs, proper APA formatting, and cite information that is not  his/her own.

Discussion #1
In today’s world of technology having a firewall set up is extremely  important when it comes to security. Firewalls can preform on a  multitude of different levels, completing different monitoring actions.  One example these firewalls is a stateful inspection firewall. “Stateful  inspection, also known as dynamic packet filtering, is a firewall  technology that monitors the state of active connections and uses this  information to determine which network packets to allow through the  firewall”(Rouse, 2009). When referring to security, Job 11:18 is a  perfect example it says, “You will be secure, because there is hope; you  will look about you and take your rest in safety”(NIV). 
While we know the importance and power of firewalls, “Regardless  of how good firewalls and routers are, they have their  limitations”(Johnson, 2015, p.275). However by using a stateful  inspection firewall, ” the network administrator can set the parameters  to meet specific needs. In a typical network, ports are closed unless an  incoming packet requests connection to a specific port and then only  that port is opened”(Rouse, 2009). By using this capability, you can  effectively reduce the number of potential hacks. With these types of  firewalls in place it is it that much more difficult and unlikely a  hacker can gain access to the information you are protecting. We read in  Psalm 122:7, ” May there be peace within your walls and  security within your citadels”(NIV). It is up to us to arm ourselves  with sufficient protection, these firewalls allow us to be ready for  whatever potential threat comes our way.

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Computer Science Discussion Replies
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Discussion #2
As hackers and security breaches are  more prominent than ever, companies must use extra precaution to keep  data protected. An application firewall is one that monitors, scans and  controls a network, the Internet and system access and operations that  are local from an application. A firewall should “stop a hacker from  getting inside the organization’s network” (Johnson, 2015, p.35). The  application firewall allows managing and control of the operations of an  application that is external to the IT environment. An application  firewall is predominantly used as an “enhancement to the standard  firewall program by providing firewall services up to the application  layer” (Techopedia). There are two different types of application  firewalls, network-based application and host-based application. The  application firewall I am going to use is Palo Alto, VM-300. This  firewall has many outstanding features that your standard firewall does  not have. It is a firewall, has threat prevention, URL Filtering,  WildFire malware analysis, AutoFocus threat intelligence, magnifier  behavioral analytics, file and data filtering, GlobalProtect mobile  security and panorama management, logging and reporting. Palo Alto is  cutting edge technology.
            Within the  above-mentioned core features, Palo Alto has in-line malware prevention  that is updated in real-time and automatically blocks the malware if  found. It also blocks techniques on network and application layers. The  URL filtering prevents web-based attacks such as phishing links sent via  email. The Wildfire malware analysis will detect any malware and has  automatic prevention put in place within 5 minutes of detection. Palo  alto can block URL categories that can be dangerous such as  proxy-avoidance-and-anonymizers, dynamic-dns, malware and phishing. It  can also block any unknown applications that are categorized as  “unknown.” Proverbs 2:11 tells states, “Discretion will protect you, and  understanding will guard you” (NIV). We can use this in our daily lives  and in IT Security. We must understand the threats out there and how to  prevent them. The more we understand, the more good we can do.

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