Comprehensive Literacy

Develop a comprehensive literacy instruction for 2nd Grade.  
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Now to the second layer of meaning in comprehensive literacy instruction. Comprehensive literacy instruction relies on a sense of balance. Balance usually refers to a multifaceted approach to teaching. It includes such strategies as read/write aloud, shared reading/writing, guided reading/writing, and independent reading/writing. 
Describe each approach to reading/writing instruction, the role of each approach, and how to balance the different approaches in your teaching. Your paper should include three parts: What are the approaches to reading/writing instruction? What is the role of each approach? How do you (or would you) balance the different approaches in your teaching?  

References: Wharton-McDonald, R., Pressley, M., Rankin, J., & Mistretta, J. (1997). Effective primary-grades literacy instruction equals balanced literacy instruction. The Reading Teacher, 50(6), 518-521. 

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Comprehensive Literacy
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Tarat, S., & Sucaromana, U. (2014). An investigation of the balanced literacy approach for enhancing phonemic awareness of Thai first-grade students. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 4(11), 2265-2272

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