Compose a 500 words assignment on the impact of technology in india. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 500 words assignment on the impact of technology in india. Needs to be plagiarism free! Impact of technology in India 11/24/14 Impact of technology in India Technologyhas a resounding impact on economic growth. Technology ranges from its indigenous form to the current advancements. This piece looks at the impact that technology has on the Indian economy, and some of the driving factors in various industries.

According to Bakshi (2013), technology in India has impacted the economy to very high magnitudes. There are over ten million people in both direct and indirect technological employments. A lot of money has been injected towards the sector in the recent past, both from the local governments and as a result of foreign direct investments. The main industries, according to Bakshi, that deal with the trade are IT services, online businesses, and services dependent on IT and software/hardware sales. Combined with a consequential growth in skilled labour, the industry has immensely grown in size and potential.

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Compose a 500 words assignment on the impact of technology in india. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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Agriculture is an area that has been touted to receive much benefit from the advancements in technology. This has been due to initiatives that assist farmers in disseminating information regarding their merchandise in real time. Linking the locals to the Internet provides them with information about price in timely manner. they get more on farming practices and execute more transactions without having to deal with intermediaries. Such factors combined lead to a transformed and thus a more sustainable chain of production that is beneficial to the farmers as well as the end users. Research has shown direct gains from online trading to buyers and sellers of agricultural products (Banker and Mitra, 2005). There have been significant positive impacts on yields as a result of technology. Bennet, Ismael, Kambhampati and Morse (2004) were able to clearly show the positive impacts brought about by genetically modified cotton and the better economic performance of the product on coffee farmers in Maharashtra, India. The authors found out high yields on the genetically modified type as compared to the normal cotton. Profit margins were higher on this strain due to respective reduction in costs of production.

Other than the direct economic indicators like agriculture, as observed, technology has also affected the Indian culture. Globalization has resulted in increased communication channels between unlike cultures. The increased propensity to communicate between the different cultures has resulted in local influence to such issues as the degree of choice to study, study habits and much more. Globalization of technology has brought about changes in dressing habits amongst the youth, as well as changes in some perceptions (Bray, 2007). A good example of this increased communication is through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. People, using these websites, are able to relate with a wide variety of friends and thus spread of information is made easier. Due to such, technology is evidently used in real time as when communicating to peers, one has to use a computer and be online. Consequently, these actions arouse interest to people who now prefer study technology-related subjects such as computer science, unlike before when the big courses would be predominantly led by medicine, engineering and such.

It is evident that technology has directly impacted the Indian economy, from the discussion. A good example of the effects on agriculture has been given. Various researches fortifying the argument were brought forward. Other effects of technology have also been cited, with culture as one of the areas that has been greatly influenced. Culture spread is made evident in social networking as well. pictures in Instagram and comments and messages in Facebook and Twitter can be acknowledged to highlighting new trends in fashion and other cultural perspectives.


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