Compose a 1250 words assignment on black fish.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on black fish. Needs to be plagiarism free! The biggest case that can be made against SeaWorld’s claim is the death of their own trainer, Dawn Brancheau. Dawn Brancheau was a committed trainer and was experienced in dealing with killer whales. She interacted with the whales on a daily basis and even conducted relationship sessions with these whales. The objective of these sessions was to improve on the bondage between the whales and the trainers. What is most ironic is that it was during one of these sessions that Dawn Brancheau was not just attacked but brutally killed during the session. She began a victim to one of the most vicious animal attacks as she suffered multiple injuries on her body. These included brutal injuries to her head, liver laceration, fracture of the sternum, dislocation of the knee, and the left arm (Cowperthwaite, 1:10:54).

SeaWorld presented their own version of the truth when they explained the death of one of their expert trainers. SeaWorld commented that Brancheau was aware of the risk that she was putting when she trained with the killer. A SeaWorld Executive commented that if Brancheau would have alive, she would have agreed that it was her fault and her miscalculation in dealing with the whale. The company even implied that Brancheau’s death was a result of her wearing her hair in a ponytail which acted as a stimulant for the whale. SeaWorld claimed that this was an isolated event and was just negligence on the part of the trainer (Cowperthwaite).

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on black fish.
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However, most of their claims are flimsy at best. When SeaWorld trainers and Brancheau’s colleagues heard of her death, they were shocked because Brancheau was one of the best trainers and they considered it unjust to imply that Brancheau was responsible for her own death. Also, I would like to point to the fact that Brancheau’s death was not an isolated incident. There have been incidences with the same killer whale, Tillikum. On February 20, 1991, Tilikum committed her first murder when she, along with two other whales, pulled a part-time trainer and marine biology student, Keltie Byrne into the pool and attack her to death. Byrne tried to climb out of the pool but was outmaneuvered by three killer whales as onlookers continued to watch (“Over 30 years and 3 Deaths: Tilikum’s Tragic Story”).

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