Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Damaged Care.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Damaged Care. In the film damaged, Dr. Peeno is hired by a profit-making healthcare and as she is on duty she approves extraordinary expenditures that she knows are wrong but still does so since she has to please her employers and avoid being fired. As a result, she has to watch one of the patients die due to her actions. She does her actions even though she knows that it will lead to the death of the patient but she still has to do it in order for the employers to be happy with her. This is a kind of accommodation conflict style since the doctor knows that what she is doing is wrong but still does it in order to please her supervisors. This is one of the conflict styles present in the film. This is a kind of conflict style in which one knows that something is bad and as a result keeps off it in order to do what is morally upright. After her resignation from the profit-making healthcare organization and after watching someone die due to her mistakes, Dr. Peeno decides to join the nonprofit oriented HMO. This she does hope that this time she would be able to make up for the bad things that happened at her previous work. However during her time at the new place of work, soon new containment procedures for cost are introduced at the firm. She knows that this is wrong and does not want anything to do with it. As a result of these cost containment, she decides to resign from her work. This is one example of an avoiding conflict style. This is a type of individual power that one gains in a particular place due to her professional abilities. It is mainly gained by people who are experts in specific fields. Dr. Peeno is a qualified doctor and because of this, most organizations need her support. During her first employment in the film, she is hired to approve the request from a physician. If she is not an expert in the medical field then she cannot be given such a challenging fact. It is for the same reason that despite her resignation, she still gets employed at the HMO where she later resigns again.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Damaged Care.
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