Communication Concepts Reflected in Pacific Rim.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Communication Concepts Reflected in Pacific Rim. In the movie review “Communication Concepts Reflected in Pacific Rim” communication concepts such as stages, strategies, relational dialectics, and self-disclosure will be examined more closely as they are applied and reflected in the aforementioned movie. The concept of stages is obviously illustrated in the characters of Becket and Mori. From the time they were introduced, the woman was already attracted to the man. Becket, on the other hand, is fascinated with the woman’s record being the best fighter so that when he saw how she combatted, she became his partner but not after a lot of consideration on the part of her foster father. Eventually, when Becket learns about Mori’s history, he sympathizes and feels for her. Soon, they formed a bond where they did not only share respect but love. As a result, they were able to combine their skills and abilities to win against the monsters, destroying the bridge which secured the kaijus. The stages in the relationship of Becket and Mori are effective because they developed a bond that made the jaegers work together as a team. From attraction, they developed respect for each other. In the relationship of Becket and Mori, different strategies were observed. The two have been observing each other after their first encounter as they were introduced by Pentecost. Mori has been looking at Becket, perhaps wanting him to show some interest in her. On the other hand, Becket observed Mori as well especially when he was fighting to choose his partner while the woman scored his fights.

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Communication Concepts Reflected in Pacific Rim.
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