Clinical Risk Assessment

Need help with my writing homework on Completing a Clinical Risk Assessment and Implementing a Harm Reduction Plan. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The harm reduction strategies are based on principles for caring for patients with co-occurring conditions.

This paper will revolve around the case study of Ken. Ken is the oldest son in a family of four children is raised up by parents having alcoholism problems. At one point, Ken’s mother was hospitalized for heart surgery but his father absconds his responsibilities. Consequently, Ken assumed the responsibilities of his father and mother among his younger siblings. Due to pressure resulting from these responsibilities, he starts feeling insecure and uneasy leading him to engage in alcoholism. Initially, alcohol was able to give Ken a tranquilizing feeling but with time, he began feeling restless and became easily distracted, which are signs of addiction. Moreover, Ken would easily pick up fights at school and had learning difficulties. The psychiatrist helping Ken out recognized that he gets little sleep, acts in a combative manner and eats very little food. In this paper, a clinical risk assessment of Ken will be presented and then a harm reduction plan will be developed.

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Clinical Risk Assessment
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In the case of Ken, the hypothesis during his treatment is that the primary course of his drinking and the associated behavior resulted from the psychological problems that he was going through due to mental problems. Alcoholism is a secondary problem that resulted from an attempt by Ken to deal with the mental problem. The type of psychological problem that Ken is going through is known as co-occurring disorders. According to Phillips, McKeown, and Sandford (2010), the risk factors that led to the type of problem that Ken is experiencing include lack of social skills, negative moods and lack of a sense of self-efficacy and self-control. The other factor that drove Ken to become an alcoholic is poor performance in the new roles since he cannot adequately fit to play the roles of his parents while still schooling. Low self-esteem is another cause for the condition that Ken is going through (Phillips, McKeown, and Sandford, 2010).&nbsp.Given that Ken was brought up by parents having drinking problems and his father is not even able to play his role in the family after the hospitalization of his wife. Ken may get a feeling that his classmates despise him leading to a high degree of irritability.

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