Climate change in saudi arabia.

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Climate change in saudi arabia. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. According to climate change report, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked on adaptation and mitigation measures to counter the effect of climate change in the country (Saudi Arabia And Climate Change).The country has serious consequences of climate change and it is estimated that it is slightly above or below the breakpoint in regard the sea-level. The country has developed long term strategies to help the country against flooding from the sea and minimizing the harsh conditions in it expansive deserts.

Saudi Arabia is a major investment hub for industries from all over the world. The presence of cheap and skilled industrial labor, availability of good infrastructure, ready market and the presence of fossil fuels have been a major attraction of industrialists from all over the world in the country. These industries have a major effect as they distort climate conditions in the country as well as for the universe. The countries carbon dioxide emission has risen and now it has joined other countries like the United States as the world leading carbon emission countries.

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Carbon Dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is so much responsible for the climatic change in the world, including Saudi Arabia. The gas has been termed as the one of the major cause changes in the weather pattern and increased warming of the atmosphere.

The effects of changing global weather conditions are so severe to Saudi Arabia and the continent of Asia. There have been an increase in temperatures all over the country and the summer seasons are becoming very warm and long. Due to increased temperatures, the amount of precipitation have also gone up highly. Increased precipitation have led to the continuous floods all over the country both in winters and summers, affecting peoples’ daily activities. There have also been witnessed extreme weather conditions brought about by cyclones. These weather conditions include unusual storms and winds (Notaro 1). Ice melt from mountains top, rock fall and avalanches are some of projected effect of climate change in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront in ensuring that it minimizes the effects of climate change. The measures that they are trying to impose are the reducing emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. One of the major step is the intensive research on alternative sources of energy other than the fossil fuels. Solar energy have been their greatest option given that the country is usually hot throughout the year. They are planning to harvest and export this energy in place of petroleum product given that solar is a clean source of energy. The country is also looking forward to implementing the Kyoto agreement on the mission of curbing the global release of the greenhouse gases (Climate Change Over Saudi Arabia).

Although there are limited effect on the country as a result of climate change on the people living in the country, the country is taking a lot of precautions in ensuring that it remains safe from global warming. These strategies include the management of dune, salt marsh, sea grass and dirks among others (Saudi Arabia And Climate Change). This is done to ensure that future calamities caused by the global climate change is well taken care of.

During some events such as flooding, the country is coming up with water harvesting techniques which would enable the country to collect the flood water. This resources would then become very important for irrigation and other domestic and industrial uses.

To avoid future disasters and calamities, the country needs to adopt good measures of climate change controls. The country should also join other global nations and be part of them in implementing the outlined techniques for reducing the global warming. If well implemented, the future generation will have a better place on earth to live.

The country has developed san nourishment to mitigate the flooding along its coast. Moreover, there is increased dune management, construction of sea dikes, salt march establishment, and plantation of sea grass beds (Saudi Arabia And Climate Change). These are the future plan that the country is engaging in to secure the next two to three decades.

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