Classroom Behavior Management.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Classroom Behavior Management. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Disruptive behavior in this context refers to deviant behavior and disregard of the rules that have been put in place (Wang, Haertel, & Walberg, 2003).

Disruptive behavior is usually a violation of the rules that have been put in place to govern the behavior of the students in the classroom. It is important that, in addition to being subject to the rules, the students participate in their creation. An example of rules assisting in managing classroom behavior is ensuring that the students do not speak without raising their hands. The student should also ensure that all materials necessary for the lesson are brought into the classroom. This is to ensure that movement during the class session is minimized. The students must also seek the teacher’s permission to leave their desks or to address the others. In the classroom, both the students and the teacher should make sure that the official school language is used. The student must do as asked by the teacher without the teacher having to repeat the instructions that have been given in the class. In instances when group discussions are required, the groups will be assigned to the students by the teacher to ensure that the students stick to the discussion that is expected of them as opposed to straying from the topic as is likely to happen if the students pick the groups themselves. When the rules are established, it is important for a teacher to explain why each of the rules is important. The students will be required to own the rules. it will be easier for the students to follow the rules if they participate in making them.

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Disruptive behavior has a very discouraging outcome in students and school performances. Disruptive behavior that is often observed in the classroom includes aggressive behavior when a student pushes others around and engages them in physical altercations. A student who shows aggressive behavior may also damage property in the classroom. Disruptive behavior of the student can also be of a social nature when the student tries to divert the attention of the teacher and the classmates by engaging in topics that are not relevant to what is being discussed. The disruptive student may also pass notes or whisper to others while the teacher continues with the lesson.

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