Charming and Resnick (2010) explain that Remy Martins

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic hennessy is better than remy martin. Charming and Resnick (2010) explain that Remy Martins is a very old cognac beverage company that was formed in the year 1724. Currently, the company is under the ownership of Remy Cointreau, which acquired it in the year 2011. Goldberg (2012) further denotes that Remy Martins specializes in the production of Cognac Fine Champagne, for the upper-class market.

To ensure the quality of its production, Charming and Resnick (2010) explain that Remy Martins only sales Cognac beverages that are of the ages of 10 to 37 years. This is based on the fact that when wine ferments on a longer period of time, then the higher the quality of the wine under consideration. Based on the period of time in which Remy Martins Cognac is produced, Edward (2009) explains that Remy Martins is a better wine product than Hennesy. This is also based on the background that on most occasions, Hennessy usually sales its wine products after they reach the maturity age of six years. However, Charming and Resnick (2010) denote that based on the sales records of Hennessy, then the cognac beverage qualifies as a superior brand when compared to Remy Martins Cognac. This is because the two products have the same target market, that is the luxurious wine market, and it is, therefore, prudent to make this comparison based on the market performance of the products of the two cognac beverages.

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Charming and Resnick (2010) explain that Remy Martins
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Edward (2009) denotes that one of the major factors in identifying whether a product of a high quality or of low quality, is by looking at the prices of the products under consideration. Goldberg (2012) explains that there is always an assumption that higher-priced products are always of high quality, and they easily satisfy the needs of their target market.

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