Chapter Research

Nowadays, we all have problems when It comes to buying. Because we exceed In buying In the markets, we sometimes buy expensive dishwashing liquid. It nice that we use this sometimes, but sometimes we run out of money because of this. We also feel rough after we wash the dishes. The zamias dishwashing liquid can be a one- step solution for this problem. Because of the high oxalic acid content, the extract is considered as anti-bacterial, astringent, ant scorbutic, firebug, and stomach. B.
What are the properties that make this product effective as an alternative dishwashing liquid? Why do we need to find the properties of zamias? And how are we going to find them? These are the questions that will challenge the researchers while they are conducting this study. Surely, conducting a research Is harder than It sounds and it will be harder to conduct a research that includes finding properties that will make a simple object into an alternative product.
The researchers assume that this study will be successful and prove that zamias extract can be an alternative material for dishwashing liquid. The properties that we will find In kamala will make a strong reason for this study to be 100% successful. At this point, the researchers can already see that this study Is a guaranteed success. Zamias extract has already been used in many ways such as an alternative eye dropper, medicine for sore throat and also a prevention from getting diabetes.

Now, the researchers will make a new use of zamias extract and that is as an alternative dishwashing liquid. Unlike any other products bought from the store that is expensive and may brought harmful effects for the user, this product will not only be cheap and affordable for the people, but also will bring beneficial effects for the user Instead of the harmful effects. The researcher’s selection for this material Is a good choice because It has helped In many studies and may be a help for more In the future. 1.
Zamias – is a small, sour and Juicy fruit found in zamias bearing trees in the garden and sometimes in the neighborhood and parks. 2. Astringent – is a material able or tending to shrink body tissues. 3. Ann-bacterial – prevents the build-up/accumulation of bacteria in a specific object/ location. 4. Eye Dropper – is a substance used to relieve itchiness, irritation and pain in the eyes. 5. Sore Throat – is the redness, sensitivity and painfulness in the throat. 6. Diabetes – is a disease in which too little insulin is produced and the body cannot SE sugar and starch in a normal way. F.
This study is set only to give the properties of zamias extract, its purpose and other information’s concerning this study. This study may have respondents but may not give exact number of respondents. Instead, the researchers will give the number of respondents by using percentage (Out of the respondents we surveyed, 75% agree that… ) in the presentation. Lastly, the main focus of this study is to identify the properties of zamias that will help in this study, how many respondents will agree tit this study, and to give all the information necessary about this study.
The researchers are going to conduct this research by finding the enough information they need to make this research more of a complete topic. That’s why the researchers are going to study more about the properties of zamias that may be a great help into contributing to their study. Another reason why are the researchers studying this because it is not only a benefit for themselves but a benefit for the people if this study may turn out to be successful.

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Chapter Research
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