Changing America by Joel Swerdlow.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Changing America by Joel Swerdlow. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Changing America Introduction The manifestation of cultural diversity in learning s in the US schools cannot be overemphasized. In the text Changing America, Joel Swerdlow presents various perspectives concerning cultural disparities among learners in the US. Swerdlow intimates that teenagers from different backgrounds and jurisdictions have a tendency of developing attitudes that resembles that of an American teenager. Essentially, the admiration of young people from various parts of the world is to have a social construction based on Americas philosophies. The establishment of Americas population is based on immigrant individuals (Webb 11). Historically, the US has been tagged as a melting point yet such tendencies have undergone a paradigm shift in the modern dispensation.

The continuing exodus of immigrants to the US has continued to propagate change and transformation. The eruption of revolutions in the US in the traditional days was necessitated by the need for change in different sectors of the society. The ethnic and racial composition in America is manifested in schools, communities and professional institutions. Swerdlow (13) submits that the ethnic and cultural balance evident in the US is a fundamental determinant Americas greatness. However, the introduction of certain measures to curtail the movements of immigrants to the US has altered the demographic orientation of a diverse America (Webb 16). The student population in the US traces their origin to more than seventy nations. Discriminatory tendencies have however, marred the student community to the extent that the relative comfort once enjoyed has diminished.

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The inherent circumstances less motivate the immigrant population in the US. The job placements in the market are specifically designed for the indigenous Americans and not immigrants. Such propensities have reshaped the attitudes and perceptions of the populace. Negative determinations against the diverse ethnic groups in the US inhibits the change movement. Migrants are custodians of new philosophies, cultures, development, ideas. Curtailing their influence in the society hinders the diversification of critical areas of the nation. The emergence of challenges in dealing with migrants should not be a catalyst for rejecting their influential thoughts and contribution to the well-being of the society.

In the narrative American Farmer, Jean de Crevecoeur provides a broad perspective over which several issues can be painted (Webb 22). Crevecoeur (12) exposes the social and the physical construction of America from the perspective of a farmer. The Farmer notes that the identity of the US is built on the premise of a nation where dreams and possibilities are a reality. The industrial nature of America makes it one of the greatest nations in the global arena. The rich and the poor coexist peacefully to the extent that the relationships between the groups are enhanced.

Even though certain controversial tendencies and limitations characterize various sectors of Americas society, the citizenry responsibly responds to the challenges (Webb 23). Farmers and other professionals are committed to a common course of propagating the US as a nation of possibilities and opportunities. Ideally, the industrial nature and the hospitality of the Americans is exposed from the perspective of a farmer. The positive attitude, as well as the focus of the people, defines the social construction of the US as a place where challenges and difficulties are viewed from a different standpoint. Americas identity is based on diverse ethnic and cultural orientations, and such propensities define the US as a transformative society (Webb 24).


Americas identity can be traced from its cultural and social construction. The immigrants who have visited the US from the traditional days have changed the various dimensions of Americas society. Diverse ethnic orientation define the establishment of several schools in the US. However, certain quarters of the society have commenced discriminatory tendencies against the immigrants effectively pushing them to the periphery. Changing America is a narrative that exposes the transformations that have occurred in the US both traditionally and in the modern dispensation through ethnic diversity.

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