Casual Argument.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Casual Argument. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. According to Oxford Dictionaries, poverty is “the state of being extremely poor” and “the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount” (qt. in Wall, Wall, and Wall 629). Upon learning the various definition of poverty, one can immediately confirm that poverty is about lacking in something. While it is true that poverty could also refer to intangible things like education, imagination, and abilities among others, poverty is more associated with the physiological aspects of the individuals. Suffering from poverty on physiological needs could easily mean sickness or death (Wall, Wall, and Wall 632). According to statistics, 20% of the population lives on less than $1 a day, 30% lives on less than $2 USD a day, and 30% lives on less than $10 USD a day. Also, the poverty ratio is continuing to rise, 3:1 in the 1820s, 11:1 in the early 20th century, to 35:1 by the mid part of the 20th century, rising to 72:1 towards the latter part of the 20th century (Wall, Wall, and Wall 634-5). This continuous rise is poverty is caused by several global issues — such as globalization, illiteracy, and overpopulation — that keep limiting the opportunities and supplies for the majority of the population.

In this period of global crisis, poverty can be seen even in the richest countries of the world. Globalization is not there to help underdeveloped and underprivileged nations. First, behind growing interconnections guaranteed by globalization are international practices and policies created, defined, and influenced by the powerful and the rich. These are the leaders of rich and powerful countries and other movers and shakers of the global economy, such as international corporations, rich people, and influential organizations. In such situations where global powers are at stake, considerable peripheral manipulations occur that put underdeveloped and underprivileged countries under the dictates of the more influential&nbsp.ones.&nbsp.

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