call to a congress member, writing brief

  Must follow the instructions:
This assignment requires that you call the office of a member of Congress to advocate for a policy position or a specific piece of legislation. 
You must make the call and then prepare and submit a couple sentence write-up by the due date of this assignment. You can make the call at any point between the start of the semester and the due date of this assignment. The goal is to think about a policy you wish to advocate for in( is the link of the policy I chose.
 You will also need to determine which member of Congress to contact. Perhaps the person represents your state or district, is influential on a committee considering legislation that you feel strongly about, or is the chairman of a committee and could possibly choose to hold a hearing on the topic. You decide whose office is best given your particular topic of interest. Typically it is best to call your own representatives and senators, but there may be good reason to choose to call the office of someone who does not represent you. Most likely you will talk to a staffer. If possible, it is great if you can speak with the policy staffer on the topic you are calling about. 
Be sure to call during normal business hours. Tell them who you are ( for example, “I am a social work student at the University of XXX and am requesting that Congressman or Senator _____ do _______because ______). It is important to say why you are calling and what issue you are calling about. It can help to write down a few talking points you will use in advance of the call so you can be as clear and concise as possible. Please look into the member in advance of making the call to know where they stand on the particular issue (to the best you can based on the content on the website I gave and by researching what bills they have introduced and co-sponsored). 
In your brief written assignment, please include a brief description of the following (no more than a paragraph for each question is required, it is fine to answer the questions in bulleted form). 
· Whose office did you call? Why? 
· Who did you speak with (first name and/or position)? It can help to ask to speak with the staff member who covers the topic area (aging and health issues, for example)
· What did you request of the member of Congress? 
· What was the staffer’s response? 
· Ask what else you can do to convey this message to the member. What did the person suggest you do, if anything? If they have a suggestion, please try to follow up. If you are/were able to follow up, please describe that too. this is the bill link I chose for this assignment. just advocate for this and write a brief of making a phone call.

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call to a congress member, writing brief
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