business plan: action plan

 action plan
Organization: Meridian Hospital
Department: Family Practice
Strategic Initiative: Improve Patient Experience Scores
Plan topic: Decrease wait times to 15 mins from the time the patient   checks in until they are taken back to the exam room.  
Create a business plan of 1,500-2,000 words, excluding title page, abstract, and appendices according to the instructions provided below for each part. 

Address the following items:
1. Brief description of the project (must have instructor approval).
2. History or rationale (including industry trend data as appropriate).
3. Market analysis (including competition).
4. Goals and outcomes (relationship to strategic focus). 
5. Structure (including alliances, contractual relationships, etc.).
6. Financial data overview: Include a summary of what financial data you examined or would examine. For each financial statement, describe the specific factors that informed you (net revenue, profit loss, balance sheet major). 
7. Personnel/Staffing (including provider relationships as appropriate).
8. Implementation schedule: Develop an implementation schedule that identifies the resources and competences in your department and describe how they are matched to the strategic initiative. Identify how your action plan aligns to the organization’s strategic initiatives. 
 APA format 

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business plan: action plan
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