business law

Under the law, the following nine textual statements were to be included on cigarette labels:

WARNING: Cigarettes are addictive.
WARNING: Tobacco smoke can harm your children.
WARNING: Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease.
WARNING: Cigarettes cause cancer.
WARNING: Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease.
WARNING: Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby.
WARNING: Smoking can kill you.
WARNING: Tobacco smoke causes fatal lung diseases in nonsmokers.
WARNING: Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.

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business law
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The act required that these warnings and graphic labels take up 50 percent of the cigarette package label and 20 percent of all cigarette ads.
After publishing the proposed rule and receiving more than 1,700 comments, the FDA published its final rule in June 2011. Explain how the tobacco companies could challenge the rules.
(1) Discuss whether the rules will be set aside and why.
(2) In answering the question, please define what is an administrative agency and the purpose administrative agencies serves
(3) Please specifically mention what the FDA regulates.

Also please answer questions attached separately from discussion board 

You must post an original comment of 150-250 words with citation to sources used, such as eText page references and/or credible websites)

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