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This document can prove to be a major milestone with regards to the development of a marketing plan for the Electrolux Tumble dryers, a product of an American firm to be launched in the German market. This marketing plan intends to capture the German market with a full laid down disruptive marketing strategy. This marketing plan looks at the present market with all the existing market players in this field, and seeks to identify trends which will influence the market potential in the coming years.

It looks at the position of the Electrolux brand in the German market, the strengths and weaknesses of the product under study – Tumble dryer. Moreover, these characteristics will be studied to know their influence on the customer and threats in the marketplace. The analysis of this plan identifies a number of probable target markets whose requirements very closely match by the advantages provided by the Electrolux tumble dryers. Finally the marketing plan will set penetration targets for the product and list down the main strategies that are needed to do so.

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Buisness opportunity
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This report lists down some major points that are needed to make a complete analysis of the American product for the German market. INTRODUCTION The Electrolux group was founded in the year 1910 as Elektromekaniska AB, and changed its name to Electrolux in 1919. The company was a holding company in 1928 and now is an independent company. The company has been highly successful in attracting the international customers, worldwide and has successfully gained a prominent market in the white goods industry.
The concerned product – Electrolux is a mature product and reviewers acknowledge that it provides a decent amount of functionality that is needed by consumers. A PROPOSED MARKETING PLAN TEMPLATE A properly developed and executed marketing plan will outline the costs, sales, advertisements and promotional figures of the process of introducing Electrolux tumble dryers in the German market. These types of marketing plans where disruptive marketing potential is being aimed at, it is better to help customers with less expensive and culturally adaptive products.
The marketing plan starts with the thought process about the central business activities that will be involved in the marketing of the product. 1. Who are the potential customers and the targeted customers? 2. How will the company price the product after evaluating the buying potential of the buyer? 3. What are the possible channels, sales and methods that can be employed for the effective marketing of the Electrolux tumble dryers? 4. What is the time frame and plan to spend the marketing plans? A typical structure of a proposed marketing plan for the launch of the product in the German markets is represented below:
A. Condition Analysis – In this part, the analysis of the targeted German market is done with references to the following issues. These issues may be related to the geographical image, present German market situation, competitive analysis of the different brands present in the German market, German customer or end user analysis, Electrolux tumble dryer product review and its distribution. Environment Analysis 1. German Demographic trends (age, gender, family size, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, race, nationality) 2.
German Economy and Financial trends 3. Technical Backdrops and Trends 4. Political Issues and Laws 5. German Communal Trends 6. Civilizing Trends within the societies 7. Material Supply Trends/Issues 8. Predictable impact of the Internet on the product marketing plan and Industry, both today and in the future Market Situation 1. German Market Situation 2. Size of total German market 3. Growth trend of total German market 4. Key elements that affect the German market scenario Competitive Situation 1. SWOT Analysis (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) 2.
Listing down of key competitors and their market position with context to the German scenario 3. Evaluation of the size of the competitors and their revenue analysis 4. The German Market share of each of the key competitors 5. Sales trends of key competitors 6. Strong point of key competitors compared to the product or services. 7. Promotion strategies of key player and their likely impact on your product 8. Unique Selling Proposition of the product that can attract the customer 9. Competitors’ likely response to your Advertising/Promotion program and your planned counter- measures
Distribution and Supply Situation 1. To organize an efficient distribution channel 2. significance of each distribution channel in terms of: – Percent of business sales – Development potential – Competitive status B. Goals and Objectives – The marketing plan also aims to define the goals of the company and devising the correct strategy. These include the following: 1. Financial objectives – under this, the following are to be considered: Gross sales, Cost of products, Gross margins, Net profit and ROI. 2.
Marketing objectives – under this, the following are to be considered, sales revenue, total ales, and market share and distribution levels. This will also include a marketing timetable which lists all the marketing, advertising and promotional activities. CONCLUSION By choosing to invest in Germany, the investor would be able to be a pioneer in the international market that US is trying to establish. The investor would enjoy the benefits of low taxes, and easy penetration. The track record of the economic growth of Germany only shows that the company is worth investing in.
There is a small risk of rental yields going down for the White goods market, this is because the country is improving on its international market and chances are, more and more people would come in the country. Comparing the risks and the benefits of investing in the German market, it is better to choose to invest than choosing not to. Reference List 1. Economist Intelligence Unit. 2005. “Country Profile 2005: Germany ”. The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 2. Export Development United States 2006. “Exporting Globally : A Guide for White Goods Businesses ”.

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