Building of a Hospital in Bilby

I will pay for the following article Building of a Hospital in Bilby. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Relocating the graveside will have a negative impact on the tourism sector of the town. This is because the graveside is a burial site for people like Ben Travers, and a reflection of the Gold Rush times. On this basis, the graveside is a symbol of an important historical event. Therefore, Bilby Landcare invites everyone to a concert which will be used for purposes of petitioning the mayor to desist from constructing the hospital under consideration. Bilby Landcare appeals to all its supporters to come out in large numbers for purposes of sending a message to the mayor, that the project under consideration is not conducive.

As the mayor of Bilby, I would like to announce to you the building of a new hospital in Bilby. The Bilby Shire Council has resolved to build a hospital in the current graveyards of the town. To effectively achieve this objective, the graveyards of the town will be located, in a yet to be identified location outside the town. Before the council decided to build this hospital, there was extensive research on the status of health care in Bilby. From this research, it is important to denote that the council found out that the health status of Bilby was not good.

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Building of a Hospital in Bilby
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This is because Bilby mainly relies on the Bush hospital for the provision of health care services. Due to the increasing number of residents in Bilby, Bush hospital became overstretched. It is therefore impossible for the hospital to offer quality medical and health care services (Slottje and Tchernis, 2012). Bilby also depends on the regional hospital at Bendalong, for the provision of health care and medical services. This means that Bilby does not have the capability of effectively catering to the health care needs of its citizens.

On this basis, the Bilby Share council resolved to build a new hospital. This will help in increasing the bedding capacity of hospitals in Bilby, and it will reduce Bilby’s reliance on Bendalong hospital for the provision of its health care and medical services.

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