Building context and proposal

Cultural One-fourth
The move of the port installings to Punta Langosteira ( the outer port ) will enable a complete, original and functional re-thinking of the infinite made available. The bing industrial port ‘s reformation undertaking aims at bettering the sea forepart by presenting a bunch of originative and cultural industries ( cultural one-fourth ) in the metropolis Centre, as a accelerator to the metropolis and the three stages of the port.

From this get downing point the thought is to recycle land that up to now was reserved for the port ‘s industrial activities and do it accessible for occupants to bask as new leisure countries. Commercial and culturally lead, green corridors and wide streets will all be projected to allow people come into direct contact with the sea.
The site is Battery Quay, Calvo Sotelo North and South Quay, at the southern terminal of the gardens M & A ; eacute ; ndez N & A ; uacute ; & A ; ntilde ; ez and the Rosaleda, separated from them by the adjoining edifices. The reconstructing foreseen will open the gardens up to the sea and will enable people to walk freely up to the H2O ‘s border, turning the lone dock that is perpendicular to the metropolis ‘s frontage into a brilliant screening point.
Brief Outline of User Requirements:
Taking into history the whole of the docks, the Port of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a has as a whole 219.6 estates for the different services. Due to the graduated table of the port, the procedure of regeneration has been divided into three different stages.

Phase One: Battery Quay, Calvo Sotelo North and South Quay ( 22 estates )
Phase Two: San Diego Quay ( 98.8 estates )
Phase Three: Fishing basins, Marina and Anted & A ; aacute ; rsena basins ( 98.8 estates )

The proposed edifices will be carefully thought out on the maestro program and all combine to do a Cultural Quarter ( 22 estates ) they are ; a convention Centre, a public library, an exhibition infinite, a commercial Centre, a hotel, a athletics Centre, and a market topographic point.
Proposed Location:
Battery Quay, Calvo Sotelo North and South Quay
Outside Advisers/clients to be used as beginnings of Mention:
La Coru & A ; ntilde ; a metropolis council, and Port authorization
Introduction 1000 1163
Since the undertaking of the new Outer Port Facilities in Punta Langosteira, will be finished in 2012, all bing industrial activities in the port of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a will be transferred during 2010 onto the new outer port, get downing with Battery Quay, Calvo Sotelo North and South Quay, hence supplying extra land to the metropolis Centre.
The port of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a, as focal point of the whole City, is critical to the publicity of European City aims. One grade of the European manner of civilisation is the concentration of civic, cultural and commercial life in metropolis centres, in a mode and manner related to the person and non to the auto.
The port will make a prosaic friendly cultural one-fourth, and consolidate its place as a service and concern hub, which will go a oasis for tourers, concern work forces and with new utilizations for citizens. The environing country around the port contains a alone individuality and character with a contrast between new and old architecture. The graduated table and location of the port in relation to the metropolis besides highlights its importance and provides a safe and welcoming environment and contributed to turning A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a into a cosmopolite and forward-thinking metropolis.
Over the centuries, the coastline of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a, a metropolis that looks out straight onto the Atlantic Ocean, exerted an resistless attractive force on Celts, Phoenicians and Romans. In the second century, they built the Tower of Hercules, today the universe ‘s lone working Roman beacon, the pride of the metropolis and declared as a World Heritage Site.
In the ninth century, the metropolis suffered consecutive moving ridges of onslaughts by the Norman pirates. During the in-between Ages the population settled on the site that today is known as the Old Town. In 1208, Coru & A ; ntilde ; a received its metropolis charter from King Alfonso IX, who besides conferred a series of royal privileges on the metropolis.
A twelvemonth after the Spanish Armada called in at the Port of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a on its manner to occupy England, the Barbary pirate Francis Drake, a loyal retainer of Queen Elizabeth I of England attacked the metropolis, which was valorously defended by the people of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a, led by the local heroine Mar & A ; iacute ; a Pita. During the Gallic invasion, A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a was the lone metropolis that stood up to the invading military personnels. Particularly worthy of reference is the Battle of Elvi & A ; ntilde ; a, which took topographic point on 16 January 1809 and during which General Sir John Moore was fatally hurt whilst supporting the metropolis. Today his remains are buried in San Carlos Gardens.
The 17th and 18th centuries were marked by intense trading activity with America and legion Spanish and European ports.
The nineteenth century was a clip rapid economic, cultural and urban development, reflected in the gallery windows that line Avenida de la Marina, the Modernist edifices and the Kiosco Alfonso… in the twentieth century, the metropolis became a hive of activity, concentrating on civilization, advancement and the hereafter.
The sea, a changeless figure in the history of the metropolis of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a, is the first thing that strikes you when geting in the metropolis by sea, land and particularly by air. The arresting positions of the tidal estuary are genuinely unforgettable, but there is much more to detect.
Old Town
As in every metropolis, the “ Old Town ” is an absolute must. Corners rich in history, squares where clip seems to hold stood still, such as Las B & A ; aacute ; rbaras or Azc & A ; aacute ; rraga, lined with ancient trees… you can besides look up to glorious illustrations of Romanesque art in the churches dotted around this one-fourth.
Churchs like the Collegiate Church of Santa Mar & A ; iacute ; a del Campo, a brilliant illustration of the Ogival Romanesque manner ; the churches of Santiago, San Francisco, the convents of Las B & A ; aacute ; rbaras and Santo Domingo are all true plants of art ; symbolic streets named after antediluvian clubs that transport us back in clip to a medieval and Baroque metropolis.
In the Old Town you will happen absorbing antique stores, situated in a alone location wholly in maintaining with the objects they sell, every bit good as traditional tap houses and delicious eating houses. When dark falls this country is transformed into one of the hubs of the metropolis ‘s night life.
From the Sea Promenade
The Sea Promenade is the ideal point from which to get down researching the metropolis. It ‘s more than 13.5 kilometres, which make this the longest promenade in Europe, encircling the metropolis from San Ant & A ; oacute ; n Castle to El Porti & A ; ntilde ; o. It has a bike lane, ropeway, route and prosaic paseo. Get downing from San Ant & A ; oacute ; n Castle, you will be able to look up to the marina with its berthing positions and services, every bit good as the yachts and sailing ships that create a colourful sight all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.
A metropolis to hold merriment in
A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a has ever been noted for its outgoing and extravert character. Locals love to acquire out and about, basking an eventide amble, a shopping trip, traveling for tappa or meeting friends for a drink at the street caf & A ; eacute ; s in winter every bit good as in summer. In maintaining with Spain ‘s long-standing tradition of societal assemblages in caf & A ; eacute ; s, the metropolis ‘s occupants love to run into to chew the fat and discourse mundane events.
The metropolis of glass
It ‘s good deserving taking the clip to research the metropolis Centre. Leave your auto and bask a amble around the streets, because this is a metropolis that is made for walking.
The Centre forms the hub of the metropolis ‘s economic, commercial and cultural activity, with its busy port and sail line drive dock. The perfect get downing point and an absolute must on every visitant ‘s path is Plaza de Mar & A ; iacute ; a Pita, site of the City Hall and watched over by the statue of local heroine Mar & A ; iacute ; a Pita and the ageless fire.
Yet possibly A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a is best-known for its glass fa & A ; ccedil ; ade that looks out onto the sea in Avenida de La Marina, gallery Windowss which are likely the finest illustration of this typical component of Galician architecture. The colonnades offer legion street caf & A ; eacute ; s and eating houses.
Back to the sea
A alone location -a peninsula stick outing out into the olympian sea- has provided this metropolis with its chief beginning of wealth: the port, one of the most of import in Europe. Yet the port has non merely determined the economic development of this metropolis, but has besides contributed to organizing its unfastened, tolerant character, and the welcoming nature of its dwellers.
The freshest fish and shellfish heterosexual from the Galician tidal estuaries, much appreciated throughout Spain, are delivered daily at first visible radiation to A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a ‘s fish market. Fishermans and shellfish gatherers take portion in the auction: a complex linguistic communication and signaling system, crates of fish, a odor of salt, fish and shellfish. Voices are raised in an effort to acquire the best monetary value. Sightss and sounds that are decidedly non to be missed.
Several mottos have been used to specify A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a: “ the City of Glass ” ; “ the City where no 1 is a alien ” ; “ Balcony over the Atlantic ” … but possibly the 1 that best sums up the kernel of this metropolis is “ A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a: a metropolis to come back to ” .
Site pick
All the docks cover a surface country of 219.6 estates, including metropolis, fishing and industrial maps. There is a clear division between the north docks, chiefly for urban usage, and the south docks, which are more focussed on big premiss usage. Due to the graduated table of the port, the procedure of regeneration has been divided into three different stages.

Phase One: Battery Quay, Calvo Sotelo North and South Quay ( 22 estates )
Phase Two: San Diego Quay ( 98.8 estates )
Phase Three: Fishing basins, Marina and Anted & A ; aacute ; rsena basins ( 98.8 estates )

The selected site
The location of the site is on stage one, which is of the topmost importance to the regeneration of the port, a cardinal get downing point for A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a, to going a European metropolis, by presenting a accelerator ( cultural one-fourth ) for the metropolis and next communities.
The location net incomes from brilliant permeableness and connectivity. The Rosaleda and Mendez Nu & A ; ntilde ; ez gardens rest beside the next listed and governmental edifices along the battery Quay. The edifices are the authorities deputation office, the marine military bid caput quarters, imposts chief office, the constabulary caput one-fourth, and Galicia ‘s port authorization caput quarters.
Site information 384
The site is besides located between the transatlantic quay where big sails Moor ( 54.575 riders last twelvemonth ) and Linares Quay ( 950 fishing boats last twelvemonth ) which holds A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a ‘s fish market which opens at 5am, at this clip of twenty-four hours the site gathers a peculiar and traditional odor of salt, fish and shellfish.
The site is composed by three quays, Battery, Calvo Sotelo North and Calvo Sotelo South Quays all quays have rail paths.
Battery quay is 277m long, with a draft of 11m and with two breadths of 23-55m. Its usage is for general goods, majorities and contains a roll-on/roll-off incline, with installings for the supply of H2O and electricity. The burden and download installings are prioritised for Pneumatic fluidnesss of cement and aluminum which are stored in seven cylindrical armored combat vehicles. The quay besides holds three commercial edifices Uni & A ; oacute ; n Fenosa Substation, Cement Silos Tudela Vegu & A ; iacute ; n and Aluminium Silos Alcoa Inespal and five official governmental edifices.
Calvo Sotelo North Quay is 220m long, with a draft of 11-13m and a breadth of 20m. Its usage is besides for general goods, with two electrical gateway Cranes of 6tm and one electrical gateway Crane of 16tm. There are maritime and fishing installings an functionary edifice which is the Port Authority Vigilance Service and one commercial edifice, Tide graph of the Geographic and Property Values Institute.
Calvo Sotelo South Quay is 420m long, with a draft of 7-10m and a breadth of 40m. Its usage is besides for general goods, with four electrical gateway Cranes of 6tm and one electrical gateway Crane of 16tm. There are besides maritime and fishing installings with a Cold-store Fruit Terminal Installations for the supply of H2O and electricity. The burden and download installings are prioritised for Pneumatic fluidnesss of cement, oils and fats pumping and vegetational oils pumps which are stored in 13 cylindrical armored combat vehicles. The site has two big warehouses and five commercial edifices Cement silos, Oil silos, Oils and fats silos, Transformation house of brotherhood FENOSA and Port authorization transmutation House.
All the belongingss ( except the listed governmental edifices ) along the three quays are prefabricated warehouses ; each person edifice will be dismantled and taken over to the new outer port by the terminal of 2010. The lone staying edifices on the site will be the five listed authorities edifices, four cylindrical armored combat vehicles and six Cranes of 6tm.
Ocular impacts
The combination of all three quays creates an impressive ocular impact due to the sheer size of the site. There are several ocular impacts between the graduated table of the edifices in the metropolis Centre and the narrow streets in relation to the huge broad plane along the site with big freak constructions such as the Cranes and oil oilers, and vass that berth along the quays. When walking along the metropolis you feels warm, sheltered, and safe but when you walk along the quays it ‘s wholly the antonym you feel intimidated by the milieus, entirely, little, cold, and lost when confronting towards the Atlantic Ocean. These feelings are all generated by the characteristic beauty of the site, such impressive feelings caused due to the different graduated tables and huge ocular spreads towards the metropolis, port and the Atlantic Ocean.
Designation of any bing jeopardies
Land conditions and jeopardies
All three quays were built in 1927, a fixed platform, on piles. Since the intent of the quays are for storage countries with warehouses, and its aim is to unload and reload vass every bit rapidly as possible, the site is kept in good conditions, and any fixs are dealt with every bit shortly as possible, to cut down holds during the burden and unloading of the vass.

Maximum tidal tally: 4,50 m
Quay walls with regard to the 0 of the maximal tidal tally: 6.50m
Significant moving ridge height with a return period of 50 old ages: 11 m

If there were moving ridges of up to 11m in the harbour country, moving ridges would be a jeopardy on the site. Since there was a little possibility of any tidal jeopardies, the quays were constructed with a little joust from the Centre of the quay towards the H2O border to coerce the H2O to run off back into the Atlantic Ocean.
Given the current usage of the port is industrial the current air quality, noise, and light pollution are somewhat high. Although most of the noise pollution created on site are inside the warehouses, with 80+ dubnium ( A ) the chief route that runs along the dorsum of the site with 65 dubnium ( A ) and the countries where they load and download goods with 55 dubnium ( A ) and some countries with less than 45db ( A ) . The site creates no waste of residues, and little sums of light pollution since plants are done during the twenty-four hours. The air quality is somewhat higher since the fish market is following to the site.
Environmental Factors

Wind form
Predominating: N.E.
Dominant: Second.

The site ‘s clime is temperate maritime and to a great extent moderated by the Atlantic Ocean ; nevertheless it does expose some features of a Mediterranean clime. Autumn and winter are frequently unsettled with temperature norms of 13 & A ; deg ; degree Celsiuss and up to 19 & A ; deg ; degree Celsiuss and unpredictable with strong air currents and abundant rainfall off up to 500mm and with an mean velocity of 23 knots ( ) , coming from Atlantic depressions and it is frequently cloud-covered. The ocean supports temperatures mild, and hoar and snow are rare. In summer, it is rather dry and cheery with lone occasional rainfall ; temperatures are warm up to 22 & A ; deg ; degree Celsiuss but seldom uncomfortably hot due to the sea ‘s cooling influence during the twenty-four hours. Spring is normally cool and reasonably composures.
The site is to a great extent influenced by the clime, Sun visible radiation and twenty-four hours light since there are no next edifices for shelter or cut downing the strong air currents that penetrate the site freely from the South or north E.
Design factors and chances and restrictions of the site
The site will incorporate 5 class 1 listed edifices, 4 grade 2 listed cylindrical armored combat vehicles, the rail paths and 6 Cranes which will be left one time all the bing installings are moved to the outer port. All listed edifices contain private gardens environing the belongings, consent will be necessary to integrate their land to the site and let a ocular and prosaic permeableness on the site. Urban design policies in the Local Development Frame Work ( LDF ) will be taken into history during the designing phase.
The glass galleries on the Marina Avenue run perpendicular to the site, this architectural linguistic communication will play an of import function within my design. The facade intervention will implement different combinations of nothingnesss, solids, coloring material, and texture to unify itself with the bing linguistic communication of the metropolis. Galicia ‘s have ever said that Windowss are picture frames.
Site Access
At the minute the site has a restricted entree for vehicles unless you are an employee, but prosaic entree is allowed on the port except the countries which are in private ain by companies, such as warehouses.
The site contains two chief entree roads ; one is located on Lineras Rivas Avenue for big lorries, Cranes, and trucks and the other entree point is on the transatlantic quay for private vehicles.
There is an bing rail paths that runs through the whole of the port and into each single quay, which is presently used to travel the Cranes along the quays and to transport transporting containers, and goods straight to the goods station of RENFE in San Diego ( the station inside the port ) . From this station depart the two available lines to Madrid ( Santiago-Ourense-Zamora and Lugo-Le & A ; oacute ; n-Palencia ) , with connexions to Ferrol, Vigo and Portugal.
The chief train station of A Coru & A ; ntilde ; a is San Cristobal a 10 min drive by coach ( line1 ) from the port and has regular long-distance lines to Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Ir & A ; uacute ; n, besides regional connexions to the remainder of Galicia.
The seaport entryway is orientated to the North, with a breadth of 800m and a deepness of 21m and a maximal registered current of 0 knots.
Pedestrian entree is located every 300m through electronic Gatess ; the Gatess are unfastened every twenty-four hours from 5am boulder clay 5pm. All the Gatess along the port have bus Michigans with line 1 which takes you around the metropolis Centre ; bus frequence is every 20 min to supply easy entree to the port.
The port besides has its ain fire station, police caput quarters, gasoline station and a little infirmary.
Brief 1500
An lineation brief
Choose a edifices and a site or secret plan on your maestro program:

Convention Centre
Public library
Exhibition infinite
Commercial Centre
Sport Centre
Market topographic point
Cultural One-fourth
act as a accelerator

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