BSC 251

Ethics refers to what is morally right or wrong; a standard of how one should behave. Morals are beliefs of what is correct and not correct based on our family, religion, and society influences. Although ethics are personal, they are also decided upon by professional or governmental organizations. Ethics can also be called “Shades of Gray” because there are oft times when there is no clear right or wrong choice. 
For your project, you need to pick a healthcare related ethical issue that interests you; research both sides of the issue, form your own opinion about the issue, and present it in a well thought out response.  
Select a topic. Examples are genetic screening, body modification, organ transplantation, life support, genetic engineering, blood transfusions, confidentiality, euthanasia, prescription drugs, recreational drug use, stem cell research, government health regulations (for examples: school lunches or fast food nutrition), etc. Excluded from your options are ethical issues that deal with abortion and/or contraceptives. These topics are not discussed in BSC 251. If a student selects either, their paper will not be graded and a zero will be awarded to the student. 
For example:
· Do we have a responsibility to provide healthcare to less fortunate people (government health regulations)? 
· Is it wrong to divulge a patient records (confidentiality)? 
· Should we try to keep people alive at all costs, no matter what their physical or mental condition (life support vs. euthanasia)?
· Do you think that drugs are being overprescribed and overused to deal with psychological and emotional problems?
· Should individuals with a known genetic disorder or trait have children? 
· Why do you think our society is turning increasingly to pharmaceutical solutions for emotional and behavioral problems? For example, Ritalin and other drugs are increasingly being prescribed to deal with children’s behavioral and emotional problems as “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” Some people believe that this is a dangerous trend, that these drugs may have long-term consequences for children, and that there is no scientific basis for the diagnosis of the disorder for which the drugs are prescribed. What do you think?
· Think about HIV prevention efforts in your own community. What kinds of obstacles do educators and health care workers face in combating HIV in your community? What would you propose as an effective, unique way to teach you and your peers about HIV safety and prevention?
· Pros and Cons of genetic engineering stem cell research.
· Is drinking alcohol harmful to an unborn baby?
· Is human cloning acceptable?
Introduction: Briefly introduce and outline your ethical issue. Why is it an ethical issue?
Explain WHY the topic is important or interesting to YOU? WHY should it be of interest or importance to the reader? 
Body of Paper: The body of your paper should include discussion of the following:
Give background information, and then discuss the pros, cons, and your opinion on your topic (describe the decision that you would make in this situation and explain why).
Text must include the following:

One side of the       issue
The other side       of the issue

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The body of the paper should reflect a clear understanding of these subjects written in your own words. No headings or subheadings are allowed within the body of the paper.
Conclusion: In your own words, explain your reaction to the information you learned from your research. Do NOT just restate your discussion or facts from the paper. Your conclusion should be personal, based on what your learned while researching this paper.

APA Format 
500 Minimum Word Count
Rubric Attatched
in-text citations and reference page

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