Fair and Lovely Human skin color ranges In variety, from the darkest brown to the lightest plank’s- white. Recently, I saw a video about skin color In India. I was surprised and devastated . Their skin color affects their status in society there. They can be denied education, jobs etc. A fair skin person is considered attractive regardless that the person have a healthy figure. My shocking discovery was that many Indian people, mostly women are so obsessed with fair skin. They will go to the ends of the Earth to lighter there skin.
They believe ark skin complexion is ugly and the lighter guarantees more opportunities in life. For example If you are fair skin there are bigger changes to get married , get better job and better opportunities in life. Issues that dark skin girls face are different for each girl. One girl was told that she Is a dark skin and Just because of that she will not will be wealthy and rich In her life. That her dark skin complexion will not bring her a husband. How was she feeling about that?
She TLD get too upset because she knew that she will find someone that will like her for who she is. After being rejected couple times finally she found her husband with who now she has family. But not only now, Indian people are having this issue long time ago. Elder people are telling how some of them had been rejected and some of the weddings also been canceled. The girls had been called ugly. One girls said that she was feeling angry but on the end of the day she knows that not only the outside look what is important is inside too, it’s the persons heart.

One of the way they are trying to get fair skin Is by using fair skin cream. The fairness creams marketing strategies, which show that a girl can’t get married unless she Is fair, change the mindset of Individuals. The visual media has changed Its strategy so much that even fair skin people also use fairness products They use different types of cream. One of them is the power brand called Fair and Lovely. Skin lightening products like this one is not Just used locally, the usage goes viral. The advertising they have for the cream is Just amazing .
From the way how they are advertising it to the enormous number of users. Most of them tried to light their skin while on the other side the rest of the population face the problem, accepting It and moving on In life. My attention was drawn to the young dark skin boy, the way how he was treated from the people around him, his friends especially from his teachers. He tried to get fair skin with using creams. The influence from his surrounding affected his decision to different from the other kids. Imagine having no friends in school Just because of your skin color? Ewing ashamed of himself not wanting to be social with fear that his errs might beat him up because of his skin color. The way how they talked to him , the influence that it had on him like a young person who is now developing his morals, his personality , his behavior. I am glad that he is not that influenced from the teachers and that and that he has his family support to grow and develop by accepting his dark skin color like straight not weakness. Man also have been influenced by this trend of bleaching skin. They also thing that being like skin can bring you more opportunities in life.
They still believe that if you are dark skin you are poor person and no wealthy. Through the different stages this fair skin stereotyping or Colorist has a different effect. From its impact on self-esteem to it impact on career’s and marriage. From one side, I believe everyone is free to do whatever they want . On the other side its sad the opinion for fair skin, that only like that people are beautiful, is so deeply ingrained into the culture. Lets something that people from India don’t do it for themselves it’s about society and pleasing others.

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