Biology Phylum Notes

Biology of Animals Dermatomes develop anus from plasterer Promotes develop mouth from plasterer. Presentation: Overview of Prokaryote, Protests, and Fungi l. Prokaryote (ex. Bacteria) Characteristics -unicellular -Small (0. 5-mum) salt. Pedagogical, Gram stain, virulence. Gram positive bacteria take up the Gram stain and turn purple, Pedagogical traps crystal violet, very thick cell wall made up of sugars.
Gram negative bacteria crystal violet is easily rinsed away revealing dye. Have a carbohydrate portion of alphanumerically then an outer membrane, prototypical layer then plasma membrane. Salt acts as a balance for equilibrium. To absorb moisture and preserve. -Structure pig. 98, 558 (Familiar, a surrounding of prokaryote that act as an attachment structure) Inside the familiar is the capsules followed by the cell wall distinguish eukaryote from prokaryote. A typical rod shaped bacterium.
Motility-known as flagella is famous because it is extremely complex of many proteins. Multi portion motor, taxis is another term for the movement it makes. Chemo towards light Know structure and basic functions of the prokaryote. A. Characteristics -Genome- ca. Xx smaller than eukaryotic genomes, contained within the nucleoli, plasmids. Page 559. -Single Circular Chromosome-within the nucleoli, does not have a physical structure, is Just where you find DNA. -Plasmids-accessory DNA. The cause of antibiotic resistance.

Some bacteria do not have plasmids. Plasmids are not always found In a living thing. Also Xx less Information than eukaryotic. Can be transferred by transcription. -Endoscopes, Bacillus anthracic (anthrax). Page 560. What Is wealth the endoscope Is the genetic material. Everything else goes Into a suspended sleep. The genetic Information gets protected In the endoscope. Not all bacteria have the ability to make endoscopes, allows them to survive harsh environments. Allows to just wait even for

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Biology Phylum Notes
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