Bethuel Best Methods PP and Abstract

Information will be gathered from the Methodology Paper and your own research 

During this discussion, you will share your completed research proposals in the format of a PowerPoint presentation (or other approved media-based presentation) with your classmates. The proposal must include the research questions and abbreviated literature review; and the focus must be on the methodology, including an abbreviated version of each component of the written research proposal. Note: the methodology must be the primary focus. The presentation must include a written script with what you would share if you were speaking to the class.
You must provide your abstract in the body of the post, the presentation title in the subject line, and the proposal as an attachment. Appropriate formats for sharing presentations with the class include the following: PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Presentation Tube, or YouTube presentations. Other formats may be used with prior approval by the instructor. Be aware that IT may not support some of these presentation formats.

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Bethuel Best Methods PP and Abstract
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Assignment One: PowerPoint (at least 6 slides)
Assignment Two: Speaking Script in a Word doc to go along with each slide. 
Assignment Three: Abstract for the Paper (200 words with three citations) 

What I want to see: 

Word Documentation in APA format
1. Abstract
2. Speaking script for each slide
        A. Slide 1: …..
        B. Slide 2:……
        C. Slide 3:….
        and so on. 

Two separate documents will be submitted: 
Speaking Script with Abstract

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