Behavior Theory as as the Core Subject.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Behavior Theory as as the Core Subject. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The theory states that a person’s behavior and activity govern the study of his/her mind, regardless of what they feel, express, anticipate, and believe. It explains that the behavior of a human being is based on the reinforcements or punishments which he/she experiences from the environmental stimuli. The actions of a person are not governed by his/her own mental desire, but the positive or negative experiences which he/she receives from the environment. According to R. F. Skinner (2011), the radical behavior of humans does not have any free will. All their actions are based on their previous experiences with the environment. The basic belief is that every person has a good nature. This theory is associated with specific interventions including self-monitoring, behavioral experiments, behavioral activation, and exposure therapy. Skill training is also one of the specific interventions associated with this theory.

Diverse populations comprise of different people in terms of culture, race, and ethnicity background. In this case, people’s behaviors are governed by their environments, responses, and experiences. It is paramount to take into consideration the fact that everyone has a different cultural background. They experience different stimuli which depend on their cultural and traditional values. Therefore, in the event that one is working with diverse populations, he or she has to adjust and understand the different environments in which different people live in. it is through this that one may be able to sufficiently operate in diverse populations. When it comes to behavior theory, there are no particular cultures, races, or ethnicities with which this theory might not work because most people develop their behavior according to the experiences which they receive from their surroundings. They only act according to what they desire, regardless of their past experiences.

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Behavior Theory as as the Core Subject.
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Personal behavior is important in telling the needs of a client. Therefore, knowing and inquiring about their targets in life is a critical strategy in knowing their needs.

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