Baby Boomers

Alexi Seely Professor Beauchene English 102 4 December 2012 Argument Response Essay In the article Blue Collar Boomers Take Work Ethic to College Sander’s makes that argument that the baby boomers of our time are still eligible to work, and are very willing to try new ways of achieving the education to start different forms of work. Most of the baby boomer generation had gone straight to hard labor jobs to help bring home money for their families, and now that they are older the labor is straining on their bodies (Sanders 3).
While they may be older, they are still capable of learning how to use new technology and expanding their minds (Sanders 27). Sanders discusses that college is no longer a place for young adults to attend once out of high school, but rather a place for anyone to receive high education in order to attain a job. Some of the older Americans are choosing to go back to college. Mr Hill says, “I want a job sitting down, at the computer, in the cubicle…after being out in the field for so many years, I would like a sit-down job. Mr. Hill had decided that after working in the cold for so long, he thought that he deserved to make good money while not doing much physical labor (Sanders 24). After being a part of a great things or helping their country, some of the baby boomers believed that they deserve to live a cushy life. To a different extent, older Americans have to continue college as a matter of necessity. In paragraph 30 Mr.
Ronan states, “They do not have the luxury nor the interest in going back to college for two or three years, they need something quick… ” This statement tells readers that older Americans do not have the luxury to go back to college because unlike younger Americans, they have bills to pay. Some of the baby boomers are continuing college for a job because the hard labor of their old career has left their bodies withered (Sanders 3).

However, just because their bodies are incapable of hard work, does not mean that their minds are. When these older students come to college, they bring their values with them. In today’s society, people believe that college is just something that mostly everyone must go to after high school as a part of their path in life; and some take it for granted. The older Americans, or baby boomers, did not have the opportunities to go to college like we do.
To them, college is a wonderful experience to learn the things needed to go into their field of work or even just to further their own knowledge. Baby boomers realize the value of a good education and what it can bring for their careers (Sanders 31). They are simply merging their work ethic from hard labor jobs, to studying just as hard in the class room. Works Cited Sanders, Libby. “Blue-Collar Boomers Take Work Ethic to College. ” Everything’s an Argument 5 (2010): 949-53. Web.

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