Aviation Maintenance and Engineering.

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Aviation Maintenance and Engineering. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. All of the maintenance savvy institutions were established in the 1960s with a sole goal, to increase the safety and life of their equipment and aircraft.

The first institution that was built was known as RCM (reliability-Catered maintenance) but united airlines engineers. This was followed by Boeing’s MSG which to present is known as the standard which has to be followed (Kinnison, 2004). All the details of such practices are highlighted in this report and will try to cover the modern aspects of aviation maintenance and engineering as well.

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In the modern era, the aviation industry is faced with a constant threat that is known as human error. Although a lot of research work has been carried out to pinpoint the loopholes in the human psyche, even then there is an alarming rate of accidents caused by the negligence of the human hand and mind. The maintenance of aircraft includes fast turnaround time, high pressure, and a high number of tasks being performed at the same time. All these factors can lead to the lowering of human work manners while working on an aircraft or its components.

Although, the advancement of technology has taken aircraft systems to a level which were un-imagined at the time when write brothers being laughed at, for having a dream that was never dreamt before. Powered flight was a dream, let alone sophisticated systems full of avionics loaded navigation systems and flight controls. All these innovations made sure that the systems improve but made the human rely more on technology and become complacent on his routine inspections and maintenance duties. The headings are bolded and centered. You should start off the paragraph with a simple left indent and start the discussion of the assignment. There is no gap between paragraphs.

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