Avatar-Based Fingerspelling Practice Software.

Write 11 pages with APA style on Avatar-Based Fingerspelling Practice Software. In Saudi Arabia, the software and methods of communication among the Deaf are still in their infancy. A tool featuring a fingerspelling avatar, an animated three-dimensional human-model, will benefit the Deaf community of Saudi Arabia by portraying the Arabic language and deaf students will learn by practicing with the avatar. There are currently two existing tools for learning Arabic finger-spelling. Both methods are incomplete and unrealistic due to the absence of transitions between letters. Our proposed tool will provide the deaf with a natural, extensible, and appealing learning experience as opposed to the rigidity of video recordings and unconnected signs. The design of the tool puts into account the transitioning of the letters to make the users better understand and recognize the finger-spelling. We will also implement options for viewing the animation at different speeds and angles, as well as allowing users to type words to display. User tests will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the tool, as well as evaluate it on realism, recognizability, and comprehensibility.

Keywords: Animation, Arabic Sign Language, Finger-spelling, Computer Graphics, Deaf Education

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Avatar-Based Fingerspelling Practice Software.
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Introduction and Overview

Making learning easy for hearing impaired is an important matter that needs significant consideration. Deaf Arabs have been sidelined for a long time in terms of education and other opportunities for jobs in the marketplace. Communication is a problem that has been deeply entrenched in society concerning the Deaf. Those who hear have a hard time understanding the Deaf, especially in Saudi Arabia. The hearing and hearing impaired do not have a means of learning that can help them communicate effectively with the deaf. Arabic Sign Language (Arce) is the natural language used by the Deaf Community in Saudi Arabia. It uses hand signs, finger-spelling, facial expressions, and body movements. Fingerspelling includes a symbol to represent each letter in a written alphabet. Fingerspelling is an important part of a meaningful conversation, which is used for proper nouns, technical terms, acronyms, and words from foreign languages.

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