Autobiography of Robert Schumann.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Autobiography of Robert Schumann. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Initially, under the guidance of his future father-in-law Schumann was to become a great piano player however in 1832 he suffered a hand injury which caused him to switch directions towards composing.

In the 1830s he started writing piano miniatures which were extraordinary. Also, it was during this time that he made his debut as a music critic and started his own journal, which became the focus of his efforts. In this journal, he championed composers who had talent and established a canon of Romantic music. It was also during these years that he composed his masterpieces. Carnaval, for piano and Dichterliebe. In 1840 he married Clara Wieck, a talented pianist inducing an element of stability in his life however this was also when his mental health started to deteriorate. His failure at opera, Genoveva, in 1843 caused him a great disappointment after which his mental state continued to deteriorate. After an attempt at suicide in 1854, he voluntarily entered an asylum. It was here that he passed away in 1856 (Worthen, 2007).

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In mid-June 1882, Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky was born in a town near St. Petersburg in Russia. From a small age, he was surrounded by music mostly because his father was a star singer of the Imperial Opera. When he was 9 he started piano lessons and studied music throughout his early life. In 1902 he, like Schumann, pursued a law degree however the music was where his real interest was. Also just like Schumann, he started his musical career as an amateur pianist and was bilingual. Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, his teacher started giving him regular lessons from 1905 till 1908.

Although Stravinsky’s first composition was that of a Symphony, which he wrote in 1906, it was The Firebird, a ballet composed in 1910, which put him under the spotlight. This was followed by Petrushka, which like The Firebird was a modern composition of something which was fundamentally Russian. It was his third ballet, The Rite of Spring which established his name as one of the well-known composers of the age. In 1920 he moved to France and formed a partnership with the company that manufactured pianos, Pleyel. During 1939 he delivered lectures at Harvard and was already working on his symphony in C. This was meant for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

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