Assignment Due 11pm Sept 9, 2018

Module 4: Overview
For this fourth week, you will delve into readings that were prominent in the early through mid part of the 20th century. You will also hand in the Theory Reflection Assignment on Sunday before midnight. You are also invited to take part in the weekly conference call that will take place on Wednesday at 8pm. In addition, you will turn in your Draft Theory paper by Sunday at midnight. And finally, you will watch my lecture for Week 4 to be posted the following Monday morning. 
Module 4: Objectives
1. To engage with original theoretical texts through careful reading.
2. To understand key figures in social theory and important social science concepts.
3. To grasp the relevance of social theory and to apply it to areas of everyday life.
4. To demonstrate an understanding of class material through writing and class discussion.
5. To prepare for the Theory Component of the Comprehensive Exam.
Module 4: Assignments
Please progress through this module as follows:
1.  Read all the assigned readings under Week 4.  Lemert Weekly Readings – SS6698-3.docx. Do not read the highlighted excerpts as these are optional.
2. Participate in weekly video conference call (must attend 2 video calls during the term). This week’s conference call is on Wed, September 5th at 8pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME – Follow the Zoom link –  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Please allow about 5 – 10 minutes before if you have never used Zoom before.
3. By Sunday at midnight, you have the option of submitting Reflection 4 Assignment. Reflection Assignment Week 4. For sample of what I am looking for in a Reflection Assignment – please refer to my Week 4 – 2nd Announcement.
Please note: Based on my Lecture Posted in Week 4 Announcements about the Changing Requirements for the Class, you are now only required to have four Reflection Assignments total for the class this term.  That does not mean that you are not allowed to turn in more than four if you wish. I will certainly grade an assignment if you turn it in. It simply means that I will only be counting the top four grades for the Reflections Assignments.  However, I will not grade late assignments. So if you want feedback, your work must be turned in on time.  
4. Watch professor’s lecture for Week 4 that will be posted by Wednesday at midnight as per Week 4 Announcement 2. 
5. Work on Theorist Paper/Presentation.
Week 4 Reflection Assignment – You will write 375- 1000 words (not including the reference page) to reflect on the assigned readings for each week. Please respect the word limits as I will need to count off in either direction. You will also submit this on Turnitin to double-check for plagiarism. You must be at 15% similarity index or lower. The paper must be submitted in a Word format – .doc or .docx.
For EACH AND ALL of the excerpts assigned for this week (including the overview Lemert excerpts), you will need to provide a short summary (minimum three sentences to maximum five sentences) in your own words for that excerpt of what you think are the author’s main point/s or argument/s. These summaries should be at 3/4 of your submission. Please note that two of these summaries will need a quote from the excerpt that corresponds with it. Then choose one of the excerpts and explain what you think the strengths and weaknesses are of the theorist’s argument/s in at least three sentences. Finally, discuss how this particular excerpt has implications for your own life. You will need to have a reference page where you should list all excerpts assigned for the week in APA format. In addition, please note that one point will be deducted for all writing issues. One word of caution: Do not over quote (i.e., use more than a line or two of quotes in the whole paper). 
Grading Rubric

Points Earned

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Assignment Due 11pm Sept 9, 2018
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Student submits work   on time and the work meets word requirements. 10

Summary of the   excerpts is coherent and well-developed (at least .75 of the submission). 30

The analysis of the   strengths and weaknesses of a particular excerpt’s argument/s is coherent and   well developed.15

Student discusses how   excerpt has implications for own life. 15

The reflection assignment   is well written and organized – demonstrating few grammatical issues. Also,   APA format is followed for in-text citations and reference page. 30

Final Grade:

Sample References 
Marx, K. (2017a). The manifesto of class, with Friedrich Engels. In C. Lemert (Ed.), Social theory: The multicultural, global, and classic readings (6th ed., pp. 34-37). Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (Original work published 1848)
Marx, K. (2017b). The eighteenth brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. In C. Lemert (Ed.), Social theory: The multicultural, global, and classic readings (6th ed., pp. 37-40). Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (Original work published 1852)
Sample In-Text Citations – (Marx, 1848/2017a, p. X) OR (Marx, 1852/2017b, p. X)
Below Are the excerpts that I have to complete except for the highlighted concepts. 
Week 4
Karl   Mannheim by   Charles Lemert – p. 177
The   Sociology of Knowledge and Ideology – pp. 178-180
Robert   K. Merton by   Charles Lemert – p. 181
Social   Structure and Anomie – pp. 181-190
W.E.B.   Du Bois   by Charles Lemert – p. 190
Black   Reconstruction and the Racial Wage – pp. 191-193
Reinhold   Niebuhr – Unavoidable   Dilemmas – by Charles Lemert – p.194
Moral   Man and Immoral Society – pp.194-195
Gunnar Myrdal by Charles Lemert – p. 195
The Negro Problem as a Moral Issue –   pp. 195-197
William I. Thomas and Florian   Znaniecki by Charles Lemert – pp. 197-198
Disorganization of the Polish   Immigrant – p. 198-202
Louis Wirth by Charles Lemert – p. 202
The Significance of the Jewish Ghetto   – pp. 202-205
Walter   Benjamin by   Charles Lemert – p. 205
Art   in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: War and Fascism – pp. 206-207
Virginia   Woolf by   Charles Lemert – p. 207
A   Roof of One’s Own – p. 207
Antonio   Gramsci   by Charles Lemert – p. 209
Intellectuals   and Hegemony – pp. 209-210
Mao Te-tung by Charles Lemert – pp. 210-211
Identity, Struggle, Contradiction –   pp. 211-213
PART   THREE – The Golden Moment: 1945-1963 by Charles Lemert – pp. 215-227
Winston   Churchill   – The Golden Age by Charles Lemert – p. 228
The   Cold War – pp. 228-229
Daniel   Bell   by Charles Lemert – pp. 229-230
The   End of Ideology in the West – pp. 230-232
W.W.   Rostow   by Charles Lemert – p. 232
Modernization:   Stages of Growth – pp. 232-237

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