Assignment 2: Management and Leadership Guidelines

Throughout this unit, the leadership/management guidelines were introduced, and these will be utilized frequently through the duration of this course. Consider the eight guidelines when analyzing the Charleston fire. The following article covers details of the tragedy resulting in the line-of-duty deaths of nine Charleston fire fighters.

Read the NIOSH report on the Charleston 9 and write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper summarizing this tragedy and how the eight principles of management/leadership discussed in this unit were not properly used in this case. Be sure to analyze how these management/leadership guidelines could have prevented the Charleston 9 tragedy and future fire service tragedies alike.

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Assignment 2: Management and Leadership Guidelines
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The eight principles of management/leadership include participation, communication, norms, satisfaction, cooperation, competence, reviews and goals.  These must be included in the assignment from a prevention standpoint, not operational.

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