Art enhances our understanding of Reality

Whether it is drama, paintings, literature, or music that they encounter people appreciate them as superficial practices extant for pleasure. However, this notion is amiss. The media is a plethora full of various arts serving to represent phenomena that occur in real life. Through their works, artists convey their own nterpretations of the prevailing issues of society.
Thus, the audience is provided with a vivid illustration of reality in perspective of an omniscient position. A renowned American novelist from the twentieth century, John Steinbeck pronounced, “l hate cameras. They are so much sure than I am about everything. ” There was a time in history when society ceased to develop, called the Middle Ages. People in this era suffocated in the same, perpetual system of which social classes were unjust. Not only were groups treated differently, but also those mpotent in society had few rights.
Thus, in the following period, called the Renaissance, artists strayed from idealism. Instead, they inclined to daily aspects of life as autonomous humans, hoping to abandon the old ways. One well-known fgure is Leonardo da Vinci, who influenced his contemporaries with his works of humanistic studies. Da Vinci expressed in his arts the will to discover oneself and possibly find his identity as a human being. Just like Da Vinci who spread the knowledge of mankind through his arts, in odays society, many innovative artists create works with certain means to convey the status quo.

For example, our world is deteriorating due to mistreatment of nature. The majority of the population waste natural resources, such as metals, trees, and other recyclables as well. Disheartened, a famous hip-hop artist, T. l. , was determined to prove the world’s need to save trees and significance of recycling. Nonetheless, “Paper Trail”, a self-portrait pieced together with paper shreds, was able to successfully demonstrate the gravity of environmental problems to the people, specially his fans. As a result, meaningful works, such as the artwork of T. . ‘s, are able to insinuate the ongoing issues in our society. To this day, practices of art lucidly depict the ‘reality by involving the human senses -Literature for the readers, paintings for the viewers, and music for the listeners.

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Art enhances our understanding of Reality
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