Art and Social Change in Latin America: Diego Rivera

Write essay answers (you will need at least two or three paragraphs each, maybe more) for each question based on the readings and the texts. No citations are necessary. Please give examples and do not give vague answers. Provide details to back up your arguments. 

How were Mexican muralists influenced by the 1910 Revolution and other uprisings and what were the objectives of the early mural movement in Mexico?
How did Diego Rivera view the role of an artist in society and how was this expressed in one of his murals? ( You need to look at the interview with his daughter to answer this)  

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Art and Social Change in Latin America: Diego Rivera
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3. Describe the differences in the approach to art of the following artists. How did their artistic vision differ?
        a. Diego Rivera
        b. Jose Clemente Orozco
        c. David Alfaro Siqueiros 
        d. Frida Kahlo
4. How did the Zapatista movement of the 1990’s transform Mexican culture? 
(watch the film, The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas, to answer this question. 
5. How was the representation of women and their participation in art transformed in the 1920’s and 1930’s in Mexico?
6. Describe the topic of your research paper and explain how the topic is relevant to the material presented in this class.
You can write about any topic you can relate to the material in this class. You can write about artists in the visual arts, music, film, theater, dance, performance art, or any other art movement that you can relate to the topics in this class.  Previous topics have ranged to Chicano muralism, the analysis of feminist themes in Frida Kahlo’s work, to Banksy, Guayasamin, to Bad Bunny.

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