Analyzing the Big Data

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Analyzing the Big Data. The most basic definition of big data has been the assemblage of large and complex data sets that present difficulty in their analysis through the use of database management tools that are on-hand or traditional applications for data processing.&nbsp.

The analysis of big data has received great momentum and by studying three independent articles on the same, an in-depth and critical review is sought after so as to supplement the available knowledge base.

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Analyzing the Big Data
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In a study by Hsinchun et al., the key aspect is the provision of a framework upon which the evolution, application, and emergence of big data analytics can be identified for use in an organizational setting. Thus, big data is defined in relation to its capabilities and key characteristics. The problem of the study is anchored on the concept that the opportunities that are associated with data in most organizations have led to the generation of interest significantly in big data (Hsinchun et al. 2). This is because the techniques of big data, its methodologies, practices, and applications, as noted in this study are mainly founded on the basis of helping enterprises to better understand the nature of their businesses. thus, be able to make timely decisions.

In the second study by Estes, the key concept addressed in the article is the understanding of the automation of big data. This is because the key concern is in relation to the use to which big data has been put to use by different organizations that also find the concept of an automated understanding hard to comprehend. Therefore, the study seeks to distinguish that an understanding of automated data cannot be built without the structuring of big data that is rampantly used&nbsp.manually by different organizations.&nbsp.Subsequently, considering that big data is too big, but, accumulates at a faster rate or velocity, besides appearing in numerous forms, the study also sought to provide a contextual understanding of the data elements for the achievement of useful information.

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