Analysis of the Portfolio Approach in Construction Projects.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Analysis of the Portfolio Approach in Construction Projects. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Construction projects can be modeled as portfolios and the portfolio theories and methodologies can be used appropriately to increase the efficiency and performance of the structures and the corporate business (Kangari & Riggs, 2008). According to Langford and Male (2001), the portfolio approach holds a great deal of importance in the construction industry and it is progressively becoming a very promising field for research in construction project management. The portfolio approach helps the construction firms to make their projects properly aligned to the corporate strategy (Langford & Male, 2001). The use of portfolios in construction management also helps the financial institutions to gain ownership of hundreds of construction projects and they use managerial tools to make proper decisions on whether to continue funding the construction projects or abort the work depending on the risk trade-off of the project. Even though the financial analysts working in the banks are conversant with the methodologies for making financial investments but they are not familiar with working with construction projects and hence the portfolios become very crucial in making major decisions related to the financing of the project (Kangari & Riggs, 2008). Whenever a new project is included in the portfolio, it must be adjusted and reprogrammed since it will be entirely affected in terms of the risk factor, the capital cost and the flow of cash thus changing the entire value of the project. Therefore, new incoming projects to be incorporated into the project should be considered by means of new indicators.

This research paper comprises a portfolio to be used in the construction of a building. The contents of the portfolio will include a survey of the available meeting technologies in the building industry, the design and layout of the building, the conformity of the project in relation to the adherence of the development approach to the local laws and regulations, and the sustainability of the project.&nbsp.

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Analysis of the Portfolio Approach in Construction Projects.
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