Analysis of One of the Largest Museums of the US.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Analysis of One of the Largest Museums of the US. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Philadelphia Museum of art is one of the most famous museums located in the United States of America. The museum is famous for its exhibitions and art galleries where we can experience an array of different forms of art such as African art, East Asian art, European Decorative art, Indian and Himalayan art, and modern and contemporary art. “Though the Museum houses over 200 galleries spanning 2,000 years, it does not have any galleries devoted to Egyptian, Roman, or Pre-Columbian art” (Rose). Philadelphia Museum of Art also houses a variety of oceanic and textile arts and people come from different parts of the world to view them. The variety and unique collection of almost 225,000 works of art housed at the Philadelphia Museum of art play an important role in attracting a large number of people towards the museum.

Philadelphia Museum of art is very large in area. When a person enters into the museum, he/she feels like entering into a new world of art and creativity. An important thing that can be noticed is the behavior of the museum’s administrative staff. The administrative staff of the museum is very cooperative and well mannered. People from different backgrounds, races, and religions come to the United States to visit the museum. Everyone admires the collection of artworks as well as the way the artworks are housed in the museum. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the museum for the visitors is the light music that adds to the beauty of the overall environment of the museum. Another considerable thing is the ethnic and cultural diversity of America that the Philadelphia Museum of art reveals. One can never forget the trip to the Philadelphia Museum of art because it creates a new image of America in mind, the image of a culturally diverse America.

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Analysis of One of the Largest Museums of the US.
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“The museum has over 200 galleries with furniture, sculpture, photography, funerary objects and more” (Clemens). Some of the major attractive features of the main building include the revolutionary period’s furniture, paintings of Thomas Eakins and Winslow Homer, collections of French Impressionism and Post Impressionism, and the modern American art.&nbsp.

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