Analysis of Education in Bushwick, Brooklyn

I will pay for the following article Analysis of Education in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. &nbsp.In the context of recent discussion on digital divide within the schools, analysis of education in two schools in Brooklyn – Bushwich High School and New Utrecht High School with each other has been attempted to measure the result and search the reason behind the differences in available data on the usage of ICT in education.

Education in Bushwick has been a cause of concern. The issue of communication rights has been raised in the context of digital divide. The term ‘digital divide’ is used on a number of parameters. haves and have-nots being one of them comprising those who have access to information technology and those who don’t have access (Matwyshyn, 2003). Students learn information and communication technologies fast. In that context, it is significant that the benefits of ICT reach the students through the classrooms. Bolt and Crawford have rightly remarked, “This is not a question of newer school texts or better school uniforms, it is literally a social fulcrum point that we… have come to which will determine the face of our society well into the next century”(Digital Divide, 2000: 32).

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Analysis of Education in Bushwick, Brooklyn
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While there is evidence that access to computers in schools has increased, the question remains to be answered whether low socioeconomic status (SES) schools provide students with justifiable backing to attain information communication technology (ICT) literacy (Hohlfeld et al., 2008). Education technology should be used as a tool to better students’ proficiency in English language, arts, mathematics, and science. The New York State Education department sanctions funds to meet the federal goals of computer literacy in students by the finish of eighth grade ( 2008-09)

To what extent the computers and related technologies integration should happen in the classroom is a big issue in itself. Burniske and Monke, former high school teachers, suggest being cautious in their book Breaking down the Digital Walls. Students don’t necessarily become a part of their community to serve after attaining proficiency to the extreme. They utilize the technological expertise to find a job of their&nbsp.choice but there are no lofty ideals other than that.&nbsp.

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