An Analysis of My Fair Lady

HIS first big number, “With a Little Bit of Luck” was hilarious, and I think I enjoyed It more than “Get Me to the Church on Time” even though the latter Is the song you first think of associating with his character. HIS two dustmen friends were perfect as well, the three of them did the funniest little gig and the harmonize they did on the refrain was spot on. Scarcest sounded so exactly like Rexes Harrison it gave me chills. I have seen the 1964 film version of My Fair Lady eternally hundreds of times, I’m pretty sure I wore out the VS. version that my parents had when I was very young.
I can hear Harrison reciting some of the most famous lines in my head. When Scarcest said “She’s so De-Al-callously low, so HO-rivalry dirty,” the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The best number that Higgins did was probably “I’m an Ordinary Man”. The orchestra was fabulous especially In that song. “Vive Grown Accustomed to Her Face” has to be a close second. Aurora Florence played Elise Doolittle. Just because she wasn’t my favorite character In this particular reduction does not mean she wasn’t wonderful, because she was.
She obviously worked very hard on her accents, and really she had the most work in that area to do since she had to learn both a Cockney accent and a proper English one. There was a few times where her Cockney fell flat, however. It seemed like she was concentrating too hard on the most “important” lines (“I washed me face an’ ‘ands before I come, I did”, “C’mon Dover, move hay blooming’ ears”) and I became aware that she was doing an accent, which is exactly what you don’t want to happen, it breaks the magic. That Ewing said, Ms. Florence has a beautiful singing voice and played a very touching and convincing Elise.

The costumes were unbelievable. All of Elijah’s costumes were replicas of the costuming done in the film version. Even down to the flower girl outfit and the green skirt and white blouse that she wears In the “The Rain in Spain” scene. I didn’t really realize It until the scene at the Ascot racetrack when Elise emerges In that white dress with the horizontal black and white ribbon and the enormous feathered hat. I’m pretty sure I squealed. My favorite costume of Elijah’s is of course en gown Tanat seen wears to ten Massey Ball Ana ten costume gleaner 01 disappoint.
The Jewels dripping from Elijah’s neck, ears, and wrists (not to mention that gorgeous tiara) seemed even more dazzling in the bright stage lights than they did in the film version. To summarize, this was the best production that Vive seen outside of Chicago or SST. Louis. I would argue that it was done as well or better than most of the productions Vive seen at the Lyceum as well. Big League Productions has its own website, and is touring extensively all over the country. If you get the chance to see this play, Jump on it.

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