An Analysis of Dantes Inferno

Using support from the piece, do you believe the penalties suit the crime? Yes , I believe it, because i believe in the rule “eye for an eye”, and i believe to and in the story explained me that God created hell to satisfy His need for justice suggests that He would apply the same sense of justice to the assignment of punishments. and one the line that Dante’s Inferno used come from the inscription found above the gates of hell. It speaks of enduring suffering eternally, and warns the condemned to “abandon every hope” (canto III. ). The condemned are warned not to hold out hope for anything, including the hand of God Himself. The correlation that Dante establishes between the sins a soul commits on earth and their punishment in hell is impossible to overlook.
The wrathful attack one another (canto VII), the gluttonous are forced to eat excrement (canto VI). The inscription over the gates of hell in canto III clearly states that God, or the Divine Authority, was urged on by His sens of justice to create hell (canto III. -5) God created hell to punish sinners, and the applicability of hell’s specific punishments reinforce the idea that God made it for a definite purpose. What are some differences between Upper and Lower Hell? Hell is divided into two parts: the upper hell consisting of 5 circles and the lower hell composed of 4 circles. The Wretched of the lower hell are held “in anger” by God and not the upper hell. The upper hell has to do with sins of incontinence, which is dropped by a temptation.
The Wretched of the upper hell have lost “control “, that’s mean with no resistance for his dedication to the fervor of passion, not a true evil inside, which excludes them from the “wrath. ” The lower Hell is when a sin is planned that is, for the human act whose purpose is to affect another human being, with physical damage to the person or his things, or fraud that is also object of physical or moral harm. What are some differences between Dante’s perspective of Hell and yours?

The Dante’s perspective of hell is depicted as a “funnel” made ??up of 9 concentric circles, beginning the journey through the largest of them as you go shrinking circles will, hell is divided into nine concentric circles, as below comes more cruelty is present. for me in general idea God created hell for the sinners and all that was committed here on earth will pay, but about 9 circles, I do not think, because I think there are many thousands of sin and between sin and other sin there is no difference, everything is paid in life, and that’s why God created hell, the only salvation is Jesus Christ.

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