America Needs English as the Official Language

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on America Needs English as the Official Language. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Providing communication in English and another language they understand would foster effective communication in the country. This would make it easier for them to vote and understand communication from the government, court proceedings, and educational institutions. However, adopting bilingualism in America has elicited heated debate over the years with no consensus reached. Considering the arguments for and against bilingualism, America stands to gain more by promoting English as the only official language as opposed to bilingualism which comes with detrimental socioeconomic costs.

First, adopting English as the only official language would foster national unity. America is a country of incredible diversity, being “a nation of immigrants” (Hayakawa 575). Its people do not have a common race, ethnicity, native language, or religion which is the reason that commonly binds people in other nations. Thus, a common language would be the only unifying force. Even so, skeptics argue that adopting a common language amounts to irresponsible citizenship. Experience, on the other hand, indicates otherwise. Take the example of the school bus story given by Marin where students fell into disharmony because of the difference in their language of communication (79). A similar case applies during World War II between the Japanese and the Chinese who had to be differentiated through a badge (Hayakawa 575). In the latter case, the rising of English-speaking generations from the two races saw them socialize more, appreciate the commonalities they shared, even forming the Asian-American societies together. Such is the unification effect that sharing a common language has.

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America Needs English as the Official Language
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Using English only would promote academic success. Opponents argue that teaching children in their native languages foster their understanding. Limiting them to English would lock them out from learning opportunities. Take the case of Maxine Hong Kingston who could not stand before a stage of the American school, instead of going silent.

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