Alienation Theme in Metamorphosis.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Alienation Theme in Metamorphosis. One day Gregor wakes up to find that he is a large insect with tiny legs that could hardly carry him. His enormous efforts to wake up and catch the next train after missing the normal one do not bear fruit, and he decides to sleep. However, he cannot rest since he is used to sleeping on the right side, and apparently, he could not turn in that direction. His employer visits his house, which makes him open the door and reveals his real status to his parents and employer, leaving the house quite scared. From this point, Gregor has isolated from the rest of his family, and he keeps to his room where his sister feeds him. He adopts insect features, and items are removed from his place to create enough space to crawl and fly. Every day he eats less, which makes his body very weak. Gregor receives rejection when he leaves his room one last time after hearing the violin’s sounds from her sister playing for customers. At last, he dies, and his family celebrates his death (Kafka and Crick 29-44. Kafka web). This paper discusses Kafka’s alienation theme through Gregor, who is alienated from his job, family, social life, and himself.

Alienation from Himself

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Alienation Theme in Metamorphosis.
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One morning, Gregor woke up, transformed into a gigantic insect. As he lifted his head, he could see his brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections. He was so huge that the bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment. Gregor had many legs, which were quite feeble compared to the rest of the body and could hardly carry him (Kafka web). This meant that Gregor had ceased to act like a human being and his actions had to change to that of an insect. He is a new man who has to rediscover himself again in his original form and manage the everyday life he was used to.

Kafka uses transformation from a human being to an insect to depict the highest alienation of human beings from themselves. Outwardly, Gregor could fulfill all his obligations, most of which included his parent’s debts that he had to pay for the next six years. Despite working for the last fifteen years, he lives in his parent’s apartments with no future of himself, no dreams of his own, and this is bound to continue for the next coming years. The job is so demanding that he has to leave the house in the morning’s wee hours, which makes him have not enough sleep. He has no time to relax and do other things that he loves doing (Kafka web).

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