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Assignment: International trade of Canadian companies: Company information Name: Air Canada Products/Services offered: As Canada’s largest airline and the world’s tenth-largest passenger airline by number of destinations, it offers direct passenger service to more than 175 destinations on five different continents. Air Canada is an airline offering air transport to diverse customers. Customers can pay premiums for first-class seats while others may chose to travel as economy class. The company’s primary function again is to offer air travel while other revenues stream from commodity sales abord air crafts. Brief History:
Air Canada originated from the Canadian federal government’s 1936 creation of Trans-Canada Airlines, which inaugurated its first flight on September 1, 1937. By 1964, TCA had grown to become Canada’s national airline; it changed its name to Air Canada. The significance of this is that the government’s commissioning of the original company platformed it’s future success. The airline was fully privatized in 1989 (made independent from the government). After an unofficial monopolization of the company’s extent, In 2001 Air Canada began meeting new rivals. One example of a newer company that sprouted after this period was Canadian Airlines.
All in all because of the outreach of the company’s operations on national and international levels, it became so strong that In 2006, 34 million people flew with Air Canada as the airline celebrated its 70th anniversary. Size: Operating revenues (Canadian dollars in millions): $ 12,120 Revenue per passenger miles (millions) (RPM): $ 55,646 Headquarters: La Rondelle (“The Puck” in French); a 7 story building that serves as the corporate headquarters of Air Canada, located on the grounds of Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and in Saint-Laurent,Montreal, near Dorval.

The largest hub: Toronto Pearson International Airport is operated by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) as part of Transport Canada’s National Airports System and is one of eight Canadian airports with facilities for United States border preclearance. Toronto Pearson directly employs 106,000 people, with an additional 80,000 people employed indirectly in the community, One of the largest private employers of the country.
Subsidiaries of the company: Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Jetz, and Air Canada Rouge. Fleet: The Air Canada fleet consists of 204 aircraft (as of December 2012). All aircraft are fitted with the new interiors, except three Boeing 767-300ERs. The new interior is a revamp of the cabin and has new installation of individual video displays in both Executive First and Economy classes.
Number of in-craft employees: Approximately 27,000 employees (over 6,800 flight attendants) Extent of International Business Air Canada provides scheduled passenger service directly to 59 Canadian cities, 55 destinations in the U. S and 64 cities in other international locations. In terms of facilities outside of Canada, Air canada operates in 119 places. In itself the company is a global organization.
Air Canada’s international strategy is helped through membership with Star Alliance as it strengthens market presence in Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India. Air canada is attracting international revenues. Its extensive and expanding through its global network with its modern air fleet. Industry-leading on-board products and services, lounges and airport facilities are among the advantages that bring international success to Air Canada. Air Canada is Canada’s largest domestic, U. S. transborder and international airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market, the Canada-U. S. transborder market and in the international market to and from Canada. Domestic, U. S. ransborder and international departures accounted for approximately 66%, 26% and 8%, respectively, of the 1,520 average daily departures in 2012. Air Canada also carried close to 35 million revenue passengers and provided passenger service to 178 direct destinations across it’s five continents.
Statistics Taken: (Bibliography):

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