African Slav

Latin American/ Caribbean countries developed lower cost labor through the preservation of the hacienda system and continuous use of foreign and Mimi grant workers through Latin American/ Caribbean plantations, even though increasing indenture servitude and increasing of wage labor was becoming more prevalent in the growing cit The Hacienda system in Latin America kept labor costs at a virtually free price by nodding Indians to certain lands by constantly keeping them in debt through out the early modern to modern period.
During the early 1 ass’s, Herman Cortes after being granted the Spanish crown was given encompass, allowing him access to large amounts of indigenous labor. With the growth of Indian populace by the early sass’s, the hacienda sys stem continued in full throttle. Similar processes occurred in Puerco Rich during the time Of Sp anis colonization in which haciendas were created and cheap labor force was used in order to create a greater production of goods.
The reason for this continuity is that the use of the hacienda system continued to give Latin America the convenience of nearby indigenous labor for a very cheap price to pay. Foreign and immigrant workers within Latin America from 14501900 were use d to work on plantations and Haciendas, because of the benefit of cheap labor. By the late sass’s, Trans Atlantic slave trade began to spark, causing African slaves to be a source of labor. As slave abolition movements began to ignite in the late sass’s, it became me less acceptable to continue to have slave labor, so many plantation owners secrete kept slaves with them.

However, by the late 1 ass’s, slavery was almost non existent, alto ugh due to the increasing popularity of indentured servants in plantations, an element of mix oratory work was still reflected upon Latin American labor force. This continuity exists because of the fact that slaves were cheap, useful, and easily accessible labor that was overall very pr deductive to the purpose of producing items. Indentured labor in the Caribbean was becoming an alternative to slavery quiz cocker as more Europeans began to migrate around the world.
During the 1 ass’s, slave arrays in a strong position for the Caribbean, but by the time that the late sass’s rolled a round, migrating Europeans began to have the choose to become a servant by paying off debt with working on a plantation. A more effective way of labor because the workers are more MO titivated to do more. This change exist because Of the fact that slaves were not needed as m such once more dedicated workers came to do the job. A similar process occurred in American colonies in which indentured workers paid off debts in order to become citizens.
Wage labor in Latin America was slowly becoming more prevalent rather than slavery on haciendas. During the 1 60(Yes, wage labor was basically unheard of in this a ere, however during the sass’s, wage labor began throughout Latin America. By the sass’s, wage labor continued to increase in haciendas along with indentured labor and was used because of the massive European immigration occurring instead of having to use African Slav sees. This change exists because wage labor is the willingness or agreement to work on a Hacienda and by contract. Therefore, it is by choice, not force.

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